Dan Miller

Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Dan Miller

Dan Miller has been writing farm and ranch stories for 32 years. He came to The Progressive Farmer in October 2008 as the magazine's Midwest Editor, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Prior to that, he wrote for four years at Iowa Farmer Today, also in Cedar Rapids and for two years at the Dixon Evening Telegraph, in Dixon, Ill. Among the issues he has written about are the Farm Crisis of the 1980s, the presidential elections of 1988 (including interviews with then vice president George H.W. Bush, Al Gore, Bob Dole and Jesse Jackson), the Midwest's 1993 floods, numerous farm bills, including the game-changing conservation programs of the 1980s, the introduction of genetically engineered crops, and tools and machinery. Dan was the editorial lead on PF's six Idea House programs, beginning in 2003. He has traveled widely across the United States, to Canada (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, World Trade Talks); to Germany for a look at farming practices there; to the former Soviet Union in 1989 where he reported on an agricultural system that was changing as rapidly as the nation's political system, and to Finland where he wrote about that nation's seaside fresh-food markets. Dan's writing awards include two Oscars in Agriculture, Story of the Year -- American Agricultural Editors Association -- and business journalism's Neal Award, among many others. Dan has lived in Chelsea, Alabama since 2003. He writes about land, land management, conservation, row crops, the ATV industry, shop design and structure, tools and equipment. He is married to Kim, and they have three grown children.

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