Russ Quinn

DTN Staff Reporter
Russ Quinn is a DTN editor and reporter. He was born and raised in east central Nebraska on a cow-calf and row-crop farm near Elkhorn, which he still operates with his dad.

Russ attended Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and graduated with an associate's degree in agribusiness and farm management in 1994. He then attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences in 1996.

After graduating, he began working for DTN in May of 1997 in the agriculture telesales department. In May of 1998 he was promoted to his current position in the DTN ag newsroom. Over the years, Russ has had many different editing and reporting duties and currently writes original articles including the growing-season series "View From the Cab" and the weekly column "Russ' Vintage Iron."

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  • The average retail urea price increased $4 from last month at $388/ton. That's 9% lower than at the same time last year. (DTN chart)

    DTN Fertilizer Trends

    As retail fertilizer prices continue to make only minor price moves -- the largest this week was $4/ton -- DTN asked farmers if they consider a fertilizer's origin when making purchasing decisions.

  • Grazing needs more thought than just letting the cattle loose. (DTN\PF file photo)

    Spring Grazing Management Imperative

    Cattle producers need a plan before cattle are turned out and grazing season begins. Fences and water supply structures need to be maintained while supplementation and herd health are also important factors to consider before...

  • DAP prices increased by $5 from last month with an average price of $413/ton. DAP is 17% lower compared to the same time last year. (DTN Chart)

    DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    Most retail fertilizer prices increased compared to last month. DAP led the pack with a $5/ton increase, highlighting the mild nature of prices over the past two months.

  • Great planting conditions for forage exist this spring after wet conditions were seen in 2019, but forage demand could fall with the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. (DTN photo by David L. Hansen)

    Cloudy Forage Outlook

    Forage producers face an uncertain summer. Improved growing conditions could improve production outlooks, but demand is being affected by aftershocks of COVID-19.

  • DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    The average retail prices of eight fertilizers tracked by DTN moved less than $3 per ton from last month, an exceptionally flat trend amid many other wild markets.

  • Still have grain socked away in a bin? Don't forget to check it as temperatures rise. (DTN photo by Pamela Smith)

    Time for a Bin Check

    As temperatures rise, so do the potential problems for stored grain, particularly since quality was already suspect after a rough harvest.

  • The price of UAN32 was down, unlike its fellow fertilizers, which were up. (DTN chart)

    DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    Short-term fertilizer prices are trending up, while over the course of a year, prices are down.

  • There are several different agronomic concerns that need to be addressed when milk is applied to soil and plants, according to Carrie Laboski, University of Wisconsin Extension soil scientist. (Progressive Farmer photo by Mitch Kezar, AGStockUSA)

    Agronomics of Spilt Milk

    Prices and demand are lower for dairy products due to the coronavirus, so some dairy processors do not have the storage to take delivery of milk. As a result, some farms are having to dump milk into their manure storage facilities.

  • Sale barns continue to be open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic, but only buyers and auction staff are allowed into the building for sales. (DTN file photo)

    Coronavirus Alters Live Sales

    Sale barns and auctioneers continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how they operate is considerably different. Large crowds usually associated with these sales have been replaced with just buyers and auction staff...

  • Urea was 5% more expensive the fourth week of March than it was a month ago. The fertilizer's average price is $382 per ton. (DTN chart)

    DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    While price moves for retail fertilizers remained mixed at the end of March, some fertilizer retailers are reporting the COVID-19 pandemic is having an effect on their operations as spring fieldwork begins.

  • This 1949 Leader tractor was on display at the Branson Auto and Farm Museum in Branson, Missouri. (DTN photo Russ Quinn)

    Russ' Vintage Iron

    A Vintage Iron reader from Kentucky shares a story about his 1949 Model D Leader tractor.

  • COVID-19 Compounds Ag Stress

    Combine the COVID-19 concerns with numerous agricultural stresses and many in ag might be feeling the weight of the current situation.

  • (It's important to stay connected to others while working through a stressful situation such as COVID-19. DTN photo)

    Ag Stress Rises With COVID-19 Concerns

    Combine the COVID-19 concerns with numerous agricultural stresses and many in ag might be feeling the weight of the current situation.