ShayLe Stewart

DTN Livestock Analyst
ShayLe Stewart

ShayLe Stewart is the newest member of the DTN analysis team (September 2019), and comes with deep roots in the beef industry.

Based in the high mountain cattle country near Cody, Wyoming, Stewart leads coverage in all areas of livestock and meat production, and brings a true boots-on-the-ground perspective to a livestock marketing world that gets increasingly difficult to navigate.

ShayLe grew up on a cow-calf and haying operation in south-central Montana, where her passion for the beef industry led her to Colorado State University, ultimately to an internship with the United States Cattlemen's Association. Her experiences following markets for USCA were the springboard for her self-produced Cattle Market News website and Facebook outlets. Those weekly reports were a reliable source of compressed, easy-to-understand, digestible market information.

While her background is in the ranching West, ShayLe comes with a solid list of market contacts from around the country. Talking each week to sale barn owners, feed lot managers, and other industry experts, she is able to ask the questions that cattlemen need answered in order to find clarity in a complex and dynamic market.

ShayLe and her husband, Jimmy, run a registered herd of Sim-Angus females, and host an annual bull sale in Powell, Wyoming.

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