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Tyson is searching for a new location for a chicken-processing plant after announcing it is pulling the plug on the proposed Tonganoxie, Kansas, site. (File photo courtesy of Mississippi State University Ag Communications)
Tyson Backs Out of Kansas Town
9/19/2017 | 6:21 PM CDT
, Liam Condon, said the current farm economy is volatile, but the company remains committed to its plan to purchase Monsanto, despite a request for more time on the deal. (DTN photo by Pamela Smith)
Bayer Requests Extension
9/19/2017 | 11:53 AM CDT
When Chicago wheat prices are cheap, it is common for commercials to be on the long side of the market. After a brief absence this summer, commercials are net long again with spot Chicago wheat prices in the low to mid $4s (Source: DTN ProphetX).
Todd's Take
9/19/2017 | 6:18 AM CDT
Steve Censky, left, CEO of the American Soybean Association, has been nominated as USDA deputy secretary. Ted McKinney, Indiana's agriculture secretary, is the nominee for undersecretary for trade. (DTN file photos)
USDA Confirmation Hearing
9/19/2017 | 1:56 PM CDT
  1. Decision Comes After County Pulls Plug on Bond Support

  2. 'Phenomenal' Sorghum, Corn Yields in Northeast Oklahoma; East-Central Iowa Corn Still...

  3. Acquisition Date of Monsanto Lengthened

  4. Back on Familiar Turf

  5. Censky, McKinney Highlight USDA Roles, Priorities to Senators

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