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  • Iowa farmer Ben Riensche mailed notices to landowners this week, appealing for rent adjustments. (Courtesy photo by Lisa Riensche)

    Downsizing Costs for $3 Corn

    After three years of losses, growers need cash rent concessions to shrink their 2017 operating costs.

  • US Decries EU Antidumping Appeal

    The Renewable Fuels Association and Growth Energy expressed disappointment with the today's decision by the European Commission to file an appeal with the European Union General Court related to its June 2016 ruling invalidating certain ethanol duties.

  • Ag Interest Rate Snapshot

    Track interest rate trends in benchmark rates, farm mortgages, operating credit, farm machinery and feeder loans, based on DTN sources and Federal Reserve surveys of ag banks.

  • Green Plains Inc. is set to acquire three ethanol plants from Abengoa Bioenergy. (DTN file photo by Chris Clayton)

    Ethanol Plants Sold

    Omaha-based Green Plains Inc. was the successful bidder for three Abengoa Bioenergy ethanol plants, as part of ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

  • With farms sharing equipment, expanding their reach and offering services to other farms, it's critical to know the federal and state regulations applicable to trucking. (DTN file photo)

    Ag's HR Coach

    Don't make wrong assumptions about farm trucker exemptions from state and federal laws. A number of today's farms may need to impose drug testing and keep more detailed records.

Ag Interest Rate

DTN Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
as of: 8/26/16 8/27/15
Prime Rate 3.50 3.25
30-Day Libor 0.52 0.20
1-Year Libor 1.53 0.83
10-Yr. Treasury 1.57 2.18
CCC Loan Rate 1.500 1.250
Real Estate * 4.06 4.24
Operating * 4.48 4.50
Feeder Livestock * 3.96 4.01
Farm Machinery * 4.79 4.14
* Federal Reserve's quarterly average
effective interest rates at ag banks.

The Federal Reserve’s December 2015 decision to gradually lift short-term interest rates has already hiked key rates on farm loans.


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