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  • A Minnesota mandate requiring increasing biodiesel blends has been allowed to stand by a federal judge. (File photo courtesy of the Renewable Energy Group)

    Minnesota Biodiesel Mandate Stands

    A federal judge in Minnesota ruled a state mandate to blend biodiesel does not conflict with the federal Renewable Fuel Standard.

  • Ag Interest Rate Snapshot

    Track interest rate trends in benchmark rates, farm mortgages, operating credit, farm machinery and feeder loans, based on DTN sources and Federal Reserve surveys of ag banks.

  • Chemoil to Pay $27M in RFS Settlement

    The U.S. Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday announced a settlement with Chemoil Corporation that requires the company to retire 65 million renewable fuel credits to resolve alleged violations of the Renewable Fuel Standard program as...

  • Biofuel Company Owner Pleads Guilty

    The U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday, Sept. 27, announced the owner and manager of a New Jersey feedstock collector and processor pleaded guilty to conspiracy and obstruction for his role in a scheme that generated over $6 million in fraudulent tax credits and...

  • EIA: Ethanol Stocks Build, Output Up

    The Energy Information Administration said Wednesday U.S. ethanol stocks increased last week from a nine-week low and domestic plant production unexpectedly rose while blending demand tumbled to a near four-month low.

  • Biofuel Briefs

    News pertaining to the biofuels industry.

Business & Inputs Perspectives

Ag Interest Rate

DTN Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
as of: 9/30/16 10/1/15
Prime Rate 3.50 3.25
30-Day Libor 0.53 0.19
1-Year Libor 1.55 0.85
10-Yr. Treasury 1.55 2.04
CCC Loan Rate 1.500 1.375
Real Estate * 4.06 4.24
Operating * 4.48 4.50
Feeder Livestock * 3.96 4.01
Farm Machinery * 4.79 4.14
* Federal Reserve's quarterly average
effective interest rates at ag banks.

The Federal Reserve’s December 2015 decision to gradually lift short-term interest rates has already hiked key rates on farm loans.


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