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  • The agricultural economy has experienced a number of plateaus since the end of World War II, all characterized by flat prices and flat incomes. (Chart courtesy of Purdue Extension)

    Ag Economy Finds New Plateau

    After half a decade of watching and waiting for a 1980s-like crash, a leading economist says it's time to stop making comparisons to farming's worst economic crisis and start looking at the resemblance to the long plateau of the...

  • As lenders make on-site visits, many emphasize in their assessment how well equipment is being maintained. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Jim Patrico)

    How Lenders See You

    Securing operating loans for the upcoming crop season will bring new challenges for some borrowers, but there are ways to make farm operations more cash-worthy in the eyes of today's lenders.

  • More than a decade ago, the Chicago Climate Exchange had more than 17 million acres of farmland signed up to sequester carbon in the soil before the exchange closed. Now new groups and companies are trying to rebuild a trading market to pay farmers not just for carbon credits, but also nutrient reduction. (DTN file photos)

    Finding Environmental Markets

    A decade after the biggest carbon market for agriculture in the U.S. collapsed, carbon and ecosystem service markets are truly starting over. One group, the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium, received a $10.3 million grant this week...

  • Liquidity and farm income topped the ABA/Farmer Mac survey of bankers' worries. Uncertainties about trade and weather climbed up the list, while more traditional concerns, like rental rates and labor, slipped lower. (Chart courtesy of ABA)

    Liquidity Concerns Grow

    Bankers Worry About Liquidity as Farmers Adjust to Lean Times Agricultural lenders say they're growing more concerned about working capital on the farm as profit margins continue to be squeezed. They're also hearing more from their...

  • According to a recent survey by the United Soybean Board, 60% of farmers say they don't have adequate internet connectivity to perform necessary business tasks. (Getty Images photo)

    Working Without a 'Net

    It's hard to maintain a positive outlook with the trade war, tough growing season, thin profit margins, etc., but it's worth the effort. Research shows positive leadership is a competitive advantage.

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An Urban's Rural View

A 2016 USDA report stated that family farms -- small, large and medium -- accounted for 99% of farms and 89% of production in 2015, yet many people think big corporations own most of the U.S. farms. (DTN/Progressive Farmer file photo)

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