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  • A tax break for cooperatives continues to cause complications as Treasury officials try to finish the final rules. Congress made changes to Section 199A two years ago after first including provisions in a tax law that would have distorted the grain trade. (DTN file photo by Chris Clayton)

    Grain Glitch Not Fully Fixed

    A tax quirk two years ago looked like a windfall for farmers who did business with cooperatives. Now, new rules might actually increase the taxes for at least some farmers who are patrons of more diversified cooperatives.

  • The dangers in a bin of out-of-condition grain can be both seen and unseen. The apparent danger would be things like bridged-up grain, which could engulf and kill those who enter the bin. The unseen dangers could be the micro-toxins and dust in the bin from the spoiled grain. (Graphic courtesy of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

    Tips for Tackling Damaged Corn

    Grain-quality issues from the 2019 growing season are challenging farmers as they check their bins and begin to move grain. Here are some ways to deal with the problems.

  • If there's one thing that has held true for cattlemen throughout the years, it's that they're still willing to go the long mile to make sure the job gets done. (DTN file photo by Mary Kennedy)

    Call the Market

    Writers have a duty to serve their audience with the newest and latest findings, but just because a new article comes out doesn't mean the market should break and crumble. Thoughtful decisions take time and discernment.

  • The view from my parents farm kitchen window provides a good outlook on the seasons and life in general. (DTN photo by Pamela Smith)

    Production Blog

    Here's an opportunity to tell your story and give your view. Apply to be a contributor to our weekly View From the Cab series.

  • Dr. Tyler Dohlman (red shirt) of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine used a fake cow and calf to advise a volunteer on best methods to pull a calf, including proper chain placement. (DTN photo by Russ Quinn)

    Cattle Producers Sharpen Their Skills

    Attendees of a cow-calf short course in Atlantic, Iowa learned about calving assistance practices, using some hands-on -- and arms-in -- experience.

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