Greg Horstmeier

DTN Editor-in-Chief

Greg Horstmeier joined DTN as production editor in August 2007. He became editor-in-chief in July 2010.


He comes to DTN from the University of Missouri, where for six years he served as director of the Extension and Agriculture Information News office.  Before that he was the chemicals and technology editor for the Farm Journal Magazine, as well as crops editor for the Pennsylvania Farmer.


In addition to his journalistic career, Horstmeier is still active in managing family farmland near St Louis, Mo. Over the course of his career he has won numerous awards from organizations like the American Agricultural Editors Association (AAEA), National Association of Agricultural Journalists and the Mid-American Crop Protection Association.  He also co-wrote one of the first international studies on farmer attitudes on biotechnology and other 21st-century production practices.  Horstmeier graduated from the University of Missouri –Columbia with a degree in agriculture journalism with an emphasis in agriculture economics and photojournalism.

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