Jim Patrico

Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Jim Patrico

Jim Patrico and his wife Gretchen live in Plattsburg, Mo. They have five grown children and five grandchildren. Jim has won the American Agricultural Editors' Association Photographer of the Year award seven times and the Oscar in Agriculture writing award twice. He has also been named a Writer of Merit by AAEA, has a won a Henry R. Luce Award from Time Inc. and was named the Glenn Cunningham Agriculture Journalist of the Year by the North American Agricultural Journalists.

Jim directs our equipment coverage, coordinates our photography efforts and writes about key issues affecting you and your family.


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  • Randy Jax (left) and Herb Dowse, an ag precision specialist with Northern Country Co-op, discuss images taken with an AgEagle. (DTN/Progressive Farmer image by Bob Elbert)

    Comparing UAVs, Planes, Satellites

    UAVs, airplanes and satellites give agriculture three distinct views of your fields. Which technologies are right for you?

  • The new methane-powered tractor drew crowds to the New Holland booth at the Farm Progress Show in August. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer photo by Jim Patrico)

    Methane-Powered Concept Tractor

    New Holland has introduced a concept mid-sized tractor that runs on either methane or compressed natural gas, and do all the work of a diesel-powered T6 with up to 80% less total emissions.

  • J.I. Case and Company built its first steam engine tractor in 1869. It was pulled by horses and only used steam power to run other machinery. (Image courtesy of Case IH)

    Case IH's Past, Present and Future

    Case IH is celebrating the 175th anniversary of when it was started as Machine Threshing Works in Racine, Wisconsin.

  • AGCO to Buy Precision Planting

    After a couple of months of industry speculation about who would buy Precision Planting, AGCO answered the questions this week with the announcement that it would be the new owner of the multi-faceted planting technology company.

  • The advanced 4640 display from John Deere requires an equipment purchase and a software subscription. The formula is a departure from previous payment plans. (Photo courtesy of John Deere)

    Deere's New Payment Path

    Last month John Deere introduced a new, more powerful display for use in many farm vehicles, only the 4640 will be marketed in a new way: There will be an equipment price plus an annual software subscription.

  • Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota right now are the hot spots for drought in the country. USDA on Friday approved emergency CRP grazing for the three states. (Map courtesy of the U.S. Drought Monitor)

    Deere Makes Construction Acquisition

    John Deere recently agreed to buy the Wirtgen Group, a privately held German company that is described as the world's leader in road building equipment. Reported sales price: $5.2 billion.