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Before Jimbo York and daughter, Mary Lemuel Wheeler, started a test-and-cull program for Johne's in their commercial cow herd, they lost five to eight cows a year to the wasting disease.(DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Becky Mills)

Johne's can spread through a herd in manure and in colostrum. There is no cure for the disease, making a strong culling program the key to control.

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Track interest rate trends in benchmark rates, farm mortgages, operating credit, farm machinery and feeder loans, based on DTN sources and Federal Reserve surveys of ag banks.

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A listless day on Wall Street finished with U.S. stocks eking out small gains Friday, as strength in energy, phone and industrial companies offset losses elsewhere.

Farm Life

Zack Rendel of Miami, Oklahoma, (left) and Brent and Lisa Judisch of Cedar Falls, Iowa, are this year's featured DTN View From the Cab farmers. (Courtesy photo of Zack Rendel; DTN photo of Brent and Lisa Judisch by Pamela Smith)
Posted by Richard Oswald

Zack Rendel and his family of Miami, Oklahoma, have finished the best corn harvest their farm has ever seen, and his sorghum test plot also produced "phenomenal" yields. Meanwhile, Brent and Lisa Judisch of Cedar Falls, Iowa, are about a week away from finding out how their corn performed this...

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The biggest news heading into Friday, and the weekend, is that North Korea is threatening another hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific. This might've put light pressure on global equities and the U.S. dollar overnight, while bringing buyers back to gold. As for grains, it will be a weekend of watching early harvest results roll in.


Light rain is in store for the Northern Plains Friday. Other primary crop areas will be dry. Temperatures will be very warm east of the Rockies, favoring crop drying and harvest along with winter wheat seeding.

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