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Farm Service Agency, which used to be considered the lender of last resort, has seen its rate of delinquent borrowers rise from 16.97% in 2013 (the height of farm income) to 19.41% now. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Gregg Hillyer; DTN photo illustration by Nick Scalise)
Posted by Chris Clayton

A traditional look at farm loans, delinquencies and bankruptcies suggests no real crisis in rural America, but people who work with stressed farmers say their workloads are getting a lot heavier because more farmers need help making ends meet.

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A farm along the eastern edge of the Missouri River bottoms was caught with standing water flooding major machinery and grain bins. Hundreds of residents in Glenwood, Iowa, came out to sand bag, trying to protect the neighboring town of Pacific Junction and the city's water plant. (DTN photos by Chris Clayton)
Posted by Chris Clayton

River bottom flooding continued as thousands of people were evacuated in Nebraska and Iowa towns over the weekend. Tens of thousands of acres of Missouri River farm ground are underwater, including some acres still filled with unharvested corn or...

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As far as official reports go, there is nothing major on Tuesday's docket, but traders will continue to show interest in the latest weather forecasts for the U.S. and South America, as well as any news from the trade front with China. The Federal Reserve begins a two-day meeting and is expected to keep interest rates unchanged on Wednesday.


Light to moderate rain is in store for the central Plains and western Midwest Tuesday. This moisture continues working east through the remainder of the Midwest over the next several days. The additional rain will bring some additional flooding along with further hindering field drying for row crop work this season.