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Business & Inputs

Equipment & Tech

The C Series RoGators come with 90-, 100- or 120-foot booms and are designed to make cleanout faster and more efficient. (Photo courtesy AGCO)
Posted by Jim Patrico

At a time when chemical application has grown increasingly more complex, AGCO this summer introduced a new series of RoGators with creative plumbing solutions to tackle those complexities.

World & Policy

Farm Life

Zack Rendel of Miami, Oklahoma, (left) and Brent and Lisa Judisch of Cedar Falls, Iowa, are this year's featured DTN View From the Cab farmers. (Courtesy photo of Zack Rendel; DTN photo of Brent and Lisa Judisch by Pamela Smith)
Posted by Richard Oswald

For View From the Cab farmers Brent and Lisa in Cedar Falls, Iowa, soybean harvest is about one-third done with yields about 6 bushels per acre lower than last year's excellent crop. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Zack Rendel was able to harvest 175 acres of...

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What DTN Is Watching


The grain and oilseed complex has nothing new to keep track of, really, unless winter wheat contracts fall to new lows. Otherwise look for it to be another long, low volatility session. Equity traders will be cheering a decisive move about 23,000 by the DJIA when (not if) it happens. Meanwhile, financial markets will take note of September housing starts, building permits, and the release of the Beige Book.


Dry and warm conditions remain in effect over all major crop regions Wednesday, again favorable for harvest.

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