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Farm Business Editor
Katie Micik Dehlinger

Katie Dehlinger grew up near the Illinois-Wisconsin border in Rockton, Ill., and graduated from the University of Missouri in 2009 with a bachelor's of journalism in news/editorial writing and minors in history and sociology.

She's filled a number of roles at DTN, including nearly five years as the Markets Editor, where she covered commodities markets and marketing strategies in addition to USDA report lockups. She spent several years as the Executive Producer for RFDTV's daily news programs, Market Day Report and the Rural Evening News. She's now back at DTN, this time as the Farm Business Editor, where her reporting focuses on tax and estate planning, farmland values, health care and other issues that affect farmers' bottom lines.

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  • Farmers Genny Haun, Kenton, Ohio, and Kyle Krier, Claflin, Kansas, are reporting on crop conditions and agricultural topics throughout the 2018 growing season as part of DTN's View From the Cab series.

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    As soybean harvest closes in, View From the Cab farmers Kyle Krier and Genny Haun race to get caught up on other tasks. In Kansas, that means putting up the latest cutting of alfalfa. In Ohio...

  • The number of marketing loans on corn has grown every year since 2012. In 2017, farmers used the loans on 990 million bushels, which works out to be about $1.89 billion dollars. That's almost as high as in 2008, when 1.07 billion bushels were under loan, worth about $2.05 billion. (DTN Chart)

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  • Many attending the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's annual agricultural symposium found the confluence of trade disputes and higher interest rates concerning for farmers and especially farmland values. (DTN photo by Katie Dehlinger)

    Trade Complicates Farm Economy

    Farmers are caught in the middle of a multi-front trade war, and bankers worry damage to farm incomes could put a dent in farmland values, especially as the Federal Reserve moves forward with higher interest rates.

  • Soybeans are among the hardest hit by China's retaliatory tariffs on $34 billion worth of U.S. products, representing 41% of the value of products on the list. (DTN file photo by Jim Patrico)

    Farmers Wary of Tariffs' Financial Toll

    Farmers urge President Donald Trump to work toward a swift resolution to its trade war with China after tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports went into effect Friday.

  • China follows through with threats to place retaliatory tariffs on soybeans after the U.S. implements tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods. (DTN file photo by Jim Patrico)

    Trade War Becomes Reality

    The U.S. imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods early Friday, meeting with swift and equal retaliation from Beijing. Soybeans, pork, poultry and grains are among the products likely to take a hit as the trade dispute...

  • The Trump administration is set to impose $34 billion of tariffs on Chinese goods at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Friday, and Beijing is expected to retaliate with increased tariffs on a lengthy list of agricultural goods, including soybeans. (DTN file photo by Jim Patrico)

    Teetering On the Edge of Tariffs

    With no high-level talks between U.S. and Chinese trade officials scheduled Thursday, it appears the Trump administration will apply $34 billion of tariffs to Chinese products on Friday, with Beijing expected to retaliate on an equal...

  • You can typically find a sign of someone selling farmland, but it's more unusual for landowners to get letters from a real-estate wholesaler offering a rock-bottom price for quality ground. (DTN file photo by Jim Patrico)

    Minding Ag's Business

    A letter landed in farmland owners' mailboxes earlier this month offering quick cash to buy their land. While it bore many signatures of a scam, the man who signed the letter says he's a real estate wholesaler, looking to identify...