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  • U.S. attorneys asked a federal judge to expedite an ongoing crop insurance and benefits fraud case in Michigan. (Photo by Tim-Evanson-cc-by-sa-2.0)

    US Wants Crops Fraud Case Expedited

    Attorneys for the U.S. government have asked a federal court to expedite an ongoing crop insurance and benefits fraud case, alleging a Michigan farmer accused of using so-called straw-farms to receive crop insurance and other federal benefits is continuing the same...

  • The White House early Thursday announced a tentative deal to avoid a nationwide freight rail strike involving more than 100,000 workers. Agricultural groups had said a rail strike would be devastating for the farm economy, especially as fall harvest ramps up. (DTN file photo by Mary Kennedy)

    Railroad Strike Averted

    The deal, if culminated, offers a sigh of relief across the agricultural and biofuels supply chain. Agricultural groups this past week had increasingly called on Congress to prepare to step in to block a potential strike that would have gridlocked commodity supply chains at...

  • Trains in this BNSF railroad yard in Lincoln, Nebraska, include fuel cars, coal and grain cars. Each of these sectors would be affected if a rail strike begins Thursday night. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer file photo by Jim Patrico)

    Rail Strike Risks Harvest and Biofuels

    Farmers could see price impacts and struggles getting access to fertilizer because of a possible railroad strike. Some livestock producers could also face problems getting their usual feed deliveries. Fuel prices could rise because a high percentage of ethanol is moved by...

  • USDA's Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities program announced 70 projects nationally meant to test if farmers and livestock producers can sequester carbon in the soil while getting more value for their commodities. At least 13 of the projects involve livestock, including some that incentivize diversifying grazing rotations and using cover crops to graze cattle. (DTN file photo)

    Funding Flows for Climate-Smart Grants

    USDA on Wednesday detailed 70 grants totaling up to $2.8 billion in potential funding under the Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities. The program was initially expected to cost $1 billion, but USDA increased funding after receiving more than 1,000 grant proposals. More...

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