Alan Brugler

DTN Contributing Analyst
Alan Brugler

Alan Brugler, a DTN consulting analyst, is president of Brugler Marketing and Management LLC, a marketing-advisory, education and consulting service. From 1992-2002 he was senior analyst and then director of analysis for DTN AgDaily. Before that he was director of market information services for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. Alan grew up on a grain and dairy farm in northeast Ohio that his family still operates.


Alan holds bachelor's and master's degrees in agricultural education from Ohio State University. He is registered with the National Futures Association as a Commodity Trading Adviser.


Alan is the author of the Ag Market Professional and Special Research Reports subscription newsletters. He invented the Brugler Cycle Indicator (BCI), which is available on DTN. He contributes to Successful Farming and Buckeye Farm News magazines and appears regularly on Market to Market, U.S. Farm Report, AgWeb and DTN On Air.

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