Elaine Shein

DTN/Progressive Farmer Associate Content Manager

Elaine Shein, DTN/Progressive Farmer Associate Content Manager, is responsible for editing DTN feature articles and series as well as providing oversight on special projects.


Prior to joining DTN, Shein spent two decades covering agriculture in the United States and Canada. Most recently, she served as the executive editor for the Capital Press Agriculture Weekly in Salem, Ore. She also served as the editor and deputy publisher of The Western Producer.


Shein has received several journalism awards from organizations such as the North American Agricultural Journalists association (NAAJ), Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation (CFWF) and the American Agricultural Editors’ Association.


Shein earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Regina and another bachelor's degree from the University of Saskatchewan.


Shein has extensive farming experience from growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan where she helped raise cattle and grow crops. Her family remains active in farming.

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