Philip Shaw

DTN Columnist

Philip Shaw is a Canadian farmer and agricultural economist who grows corn, wheat and soybeans on 865 acres near Dresden, Ontario. He has his Bachelor of Science degree and his Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and Business from the University of Guelph.

Philip is a contributing editor to DTN, which publishes his weekly agricultural economic commentary in his "Under the Agridome" column. He also writes and podcasts "Market Trends" as a monthly analysis of grain prices for the Grain Farmers of Ontario. His commodity commentary has been published in Grainnews, the Ontario Farmer, the Ontario Grain Grower Magazine, Country Guide, FCC Express and several other publications, including in French in Quebec. He is a feature speaker across Canada and the United States and in January 2020 lectured on "Canada's Blue Economy" at East West University in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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