Joel Burgio

DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist
Joel Burgio

Joel Burgio is a senior agricultural meteorologist for DTN Weather, working out of DTN's Woburn, Mass., office. Joel graduated with a bachelor of science degree in meteorology from the University of Lowell in Massachusetts.


His experience in agricultural meteorology comes from over 25 years of forecasting the weather for agricultural areas around the world and consulting with clients who specialize in the field. Joel specializes in crop areas of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, but he also covers North and South America for the early shift. In addition to forecasting the weather in the major crop areas of the world he also provides his opinion on how this weather may affect the crops involved.


Joel contributes his ideas to the DTN Market Weather pages including input into the DTN Ag Weather Brief as well as comments on the world crop critical pages for any area outside of the U.S. and South America.

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