Cheri Zagurski

DTN Associate Editor

Cheri Zagurski retired from the managing editor position with DTN in 2016. After a few years doing contract editing for several companies, she returned to the news room as an Associate Editor.

Cheri graduated from Kearney State College in Nebraska (now the University of Nebraska-Kearney) with a major in journalism and a minor in business.

She spent her journeyman days at The Keith County News in Ogallala, Nebraska, where she learned what wheat looked like and about black layer in corn kernels. She did a stint as the news editor of The Kearney Daily Hub and then moved to The Seward County Independent in Seward, Nebraska, where she covered a wide variety of topics from county board meetings to county fair results. She has also worked for United Press International.

Since joining the DTN news team in 1986, she has covered a variety of agricultural topics, including in-depth reporting on two farm bills.