Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Victoria G Myers

Victoria Myers is an award-winning agricultural journalist, on The Progressive Farmer Magazine's editorial staff since 1989, when she was hired as the cotton editor. Since that time she has diversified into several coverage areas, including: conservation, extra income, farmland values and cattle. She coordinates and writes for the magazine's Cattlelink section, is responsible for content in the weekly Cattlelink e-newsletter and helps supply DTN with some of its livestock articles. Myers is based in Birmingham, Alabama.

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  • As U.S. beef producers work to define niches and production trends, the USRSB has clarified what is considered a sustainably-managed operation by sector. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Victoria G. Myers)

    Sustainability Metrics

    Sustainability is a goal for many beef producers but what that means is not always clear, which is behind the U.S. Beef Industry Sustainability Framework.

  • Thomas Allen works in a niche sector of the cattle industry some analysts expect will be a growth area.(Progressive Farmer photo by Joel Reichenberger)

    Market Outlook

    Kabil Cattle Co. takes advantage of available capital assets, sometimes grazing the cattle under its care on grass corners or wheat pastures. Flake corn, silage or wheat straw also might be on the menu.

  • Junior cattle producers hone skills, build friendships and earn scholarships at Mississippi's annual leadership camp. (Progressive Farmer photo by Victoria G. Myers)

    Cattle's Future

    The Making Tracks Leadership Camp is an annual event seen as an investment in Mississippi's future.

  • Pasture quality and the forage values therein should play a large part in rental rate negotiations.(Progressive Farmer photo by Becky Mills)

    Calculate Pasture Values

    Many factors come into play when figuring out how many cattle can graze on a piece of land.

  • Across the country, kids are finding best friends sometimes come with feathers. (Progressive Farmer photo by Bill Denison)

    Ag in the Classroom

    When you keep chickens in your backyard, it's vital to feed to stage of life. A chick has different nutritional needs than a hen laying eggs.