Andy Biebl

DTN Tax Columnist
Andy Biebl

Andy Biebl is a well-known agricultural tax authority, CPA and principal in CliftonLarsonAllen.


Biebl teaches ag taxation to practitioners in about two dozen states annually and authors a number of technical guidebooks for CPAs and others on ag taxation with his business partner and co-author Bob Ranweiler.


He writes a regular tax column for the Progressive Farmer magazine and a bi-monthly tax column for DTN readers. Biebl resides in New Ulm, MN.

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  • Under the cash method of accounting, income is only taxed when converted to cash. (DTN file photo)

    Taxlink by Andy Biebl

    Congress has given some unique privileges in the tax code to farmers. The most important is undoubtedly the ability to use the cash method of accounting.

  • Congress has provided several special rules for farm taxation. But in some locales within the IRS, there is a pattern of attacking those privileges. (Photo by Ray Tsang, CC BY-SA 2.0)


    Generally, the IRS adheres to the law in its enforcement activities. The exception seems to be ag taxation.