• Ethanol Blog

    With the possibility of Brazil expanding tariffs on imports of ethanol from the United States, the Renewable Fuels Association has asked the U.S. trade representative to make it happen.

  • Sort & Cull

    The 5-area weekly steer average chart gives a quick overview of market direction and price movement in cash cattle. The ability to compare prices to the 3-year average is helpful in following seasonal trends.
    Posted by Rick Kment , DTN Analyst

    This past year has seen unprecedented market swings and changes through the cattle industry, making it uncertain just how closely seasonal trends should be followed. Even though markets remain volatile, a look back may indicate market movement in the coming weeks and...

  • Production Blog

    Counting kernels is one way to get an idea of how yields stack up this year. (DTN photo by Pamela Smith)
    Posted by Pamela Smith , Crops Technology Editor

    Some simple formulas can help determine how corn and soybean yields are stacking up this year.

  • Canada Markets

    The blue bars on this chart represent the volume range in the pre-report estimates of global stocks for the 2019-20 crop year, ahead of the Aug. 12 USDA report. The brown bars represent the range of estimates for the 2020-21 crop year. The grey bars show the estimated change from July's official estimates by crop, based on the average of responses. (DTN graphic by Cliff Jamieson)
    Posted by Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst

    In advance of the Aug. 12 USDA report, we look at what the pre-report estimates of global grain stocks are telling us across crops and crop years.

  • MachineryLink

    A farmer uses an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to check his grazing cattle. (DTN file photo)
    Posted by Russ Quinn , DTN Staff Reporter

    When I was kid growing up on our eastern Nebraska farm, my dad purchased an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). This was in the early 1980s and he got a three-wheeler, which he used to check cows, fix fence and occasionally pull us kids on sleds in winter.

  • Market Matters Blog

    Rail shippers have long been looking to the STB for relief and simplification of the process for bringing rail rate disputes before the STB when they believe a carrier is not providing them with legally reasonable rail freight rates. In the Aug. 3 final rulemaking, STB expects that the streamlined approach would reduce burdens on parties, expedite proceedings and make the Board's rate relief procedures more accessible, especially for complainants with smaller cases. (DTN photo by Mary Kennedy)
    Posted by Mary Kennedy , DTN Basis Analyst

    One of the STB's statutory duties is to adjudicate complaints brought by shippers seeking reductions in railroad transportation rates.

  • An Urban's Rural View

    Are the seeds allegedly from China a modern-day trojan horse or a marketing ploy? (Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo's The Procession of the Trojan Horse into Troy, Public Domain)
    Posted by Urban C Lehner , Editor Emeritus

    Those unrequested envelopes of seeds from China are the modern-day equivalent of the Trojan Horse.

  • Technically Speaking

    November soybeans broke below key trend-line support last week with follow-through selling this week. (DTN Prophetx chart)

    This is DTN's weekly analysis of the grain markets.

  • Ag Policy Blog

    Leaders of the House Agriculture Committee on Friday wrote a letter to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue calling on USDA to examine the structure of the cattle industry, price discovery and issues related to price reporting, as well as the level of concentration within the industry.  The letter comes less than two months before a key price reporting law is up for renewal. (DTN file photo)
    Posted by Chris Clayton , DTN Ag Policy Editor

    A letter to USDA from the House Agriculture Committee calls on the department to deal with several questions going on within the cattle industry. The congressmen want USDA to tap the Office of the Chief Economist to look at price discovery and methods to address deficiencies...

  • Ag Weather Forum

    Iowa has its most extensive drought in eight years, while drought conditions have either eased or been removed in the southern and eastern Midwest. (National Drought Mitigation Center graphic)
    Posted by Bryce Anderson , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

    Late summer ushers in stark differences in central U.S. rainfall and associated drought conditions.

  • Fundamentally Speaking

    Chart by DTN Contributing Analyst Joel Karlin
    Posted by Joel Karlin , DTN Contributing Analyst

    End of July ratings for each of the top 18 soybean producing states and the U.S. for this year, last year and then the 1986-2020 average.

  • Editors' Notebook

    Long-standing issues rarely fix themselves without proper attention. (Photo by cantfightthetendies, CC BY 2.0)
    Posted by Greg D Horstmeier , DTN Editor-in-Chief

    In mechanics, and in life, issues arising from neglect rarely fix themselves. If allowed to squeak long enough, a minor irritant can become a catastrophic failure.

  • Minding Ag's Business

    Now that the comment period on CFTC's proposed rule on position limits is closed, the agency will review comments and make changes before publishing a final rule in the Federal Register. (DTN file photo)

    While the National Grain and Feed Association largely supports the CFTC's fifth attempt to create a position limits rule, its official statement on the rule offers a number of suggestions, including adding another strategy to its list of bona fide hedges.

  • South America Calling

    Most primary crop areas in Brazil have short to very short soil moisture; Mato Grosso is the exception. (USDA graphic)
    Posted by Bryce Anderson , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

    The onset of the Southern Hemisphere dry season adds to an already-short soil moisture supply in much of Brazil's crop areas.