• Canada Markets

    Canola's forward curve, a line which simply joins the closing price for each trading month, continues to reflect a bullish fundamental situation due to the downward slope of the line, although less bullish than previously indicated. (DTN ProphetX chart)
    Posted by Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst

    Despite the bullish fundamental outlook for canola, the crop's forward curve has flattened over time, signaling a less-bullish view of fundamentals.

  • Ag Weather Forum

    While a couple of areas may see some harvest delays during the next week, progress should advance nicely. Madison Mackley of Winona, Kansas, submitted this photo for DTN's #MyHarvest21 photo contest. Have any harvest photos you want to share? You can enter the contest for the chance to win gift cards, canvases and your photo in the Progressive Farmer magazine. For complete rules and to upload photos, go to The deadline for entries is Oct. 30. (Photo by Madison Mackley)
    Posted by John Baranick , DTN Meteorologist

    A system will move through the Corn Belt this week and produce some locally moderate rainfall. Additional moderate rainfall will be possible across the southern Corn Belt this weekend into next week. But, overall, harvest should progress along well.

  • Ag Policy Blog

    Biofuel plants reduced production or were idled during parts of 2020 because of declines in sales during COVID-19 lockdowns. USDA announced $700 million in aid back in June for biofuel producers, but has yet to provide program details for biofuel producers to enroll.  (DTN file photo)

    Vilsack and USDA announced the $700 million in aid back on June 15 to help offset some of the market impacts from COVID-19 lockdowns back in spring 2020 that led to dramatic drops in fuel markets. Four months later, USDA has not provided details about the program for biofuel...

  • Sort & Cull

    Not only are spot soybean meal prices at their lowest level in a year, compared to spot corn prices, meal futures are trading at their lowest level in eight years. (DTN ProphetX chart)
    Posted by Todd Hultman , DTN Lead Analyst

    Every now and then, events cause traders to lose a sense of value. This fall, that has happened in soybean meal.

  • Minding Ag's Business

    Taking simple steps like updating passwords frequently, using multifactor authentication and spotting phishing attempts can go a long way to protect your business. (Progressive Farmer image from Getty Images)
    Posted by Katie Micik Dehlinger , Farm Business Editor

    Many farms think their businesses are too small to become a victim of a crippling cyberattack, but experts warn that attitude can make you more vulnerable.

  • Market Matters Blog

    Boshart Trucking, Inc., is a cargo & freight company in Tangent, Oregon. The company said if U.S. terminals expanded their open hours for truckers, it would help alleviate some freight congestion. But warehouses and distribution centers would need to expand their hours as well. (Photo by Boshart Trucking, Inc.)
    Posted by Mary Kennedy , DTN Basis Analyst

    According to a speech made Oct. 13 by President Biden, two major ports agreed to start operating around the clock in hopes of solving the current backlog of cargo ships waiting to unload.

  • Technically Speaking

    The chart above is a weekly chart of December soybean meal futures showing major support just below $302 to $308, with a market that has become oversold. (DTN ProphetX)
    Posted by Dana Mantini , Senior Market Analyst

    Until late last week, soybean meal was on a downward path for the past six months. As the market is oversold, there is a chance the meal bear market could be close to an end.

  • South America Calling

    Dryness across Argentina, like that experienced during the last month, is typical of La Nina spring in South America. Southern Brazil is usually affected as well, but has not seen the dryness as much. (DTN graphic)
    Posted by John Baranick , DTN Meteorologist

    It has taken a while, but the Pacific Ocean has started to influence the weather pattern in South America like we expect.

  • Fundamentally Speaking

    Chart by Joel Karlin, DTN Contributing Analyst
    Posted by Joel Karlin , DTN Contributing Analyst

    Stocks-to-use ratio for most classes of wheat lowest in 7 years

  • MachineryLink

    Purdue University researchers are working to make tractors more powerful and more efficient by improving their hydraulic systems. (Purdue University photo by Jared Pike)
    Posted by Russ Quinn , DTN Staff Reporter

    The hydraulic control systems of tractors only show 20% efficiency when connected to the system of certain implements. Researchers at Purdue University are studying ways to improve tractor efficiency when it comes to the hydraulic system.

  • An Urban's Rural View

    (DTN file image)
    Posted by Urban C Lehner , Editor Emeritus

    The DTN Ag Summit is an in-person event this year and it's a particularly good year to consider attending.

  • Editors' Notebook

    The MyHarvest 2021 Photo Contest is your chance to show off your photographic skills and share your harvest memories. (Photo by Phyllis Jacobitz)
    Posted by Greg D Horstmeier , DTN Editor-in-Chief

    Our annual harvest photo contest is in full swing. It's fun, and free, to enter and there's cash and prizes up for grabs.

  • Production Blog

    Many cornfields like this one near Waverly, Iowa, were blown over or damaged after multiple thunderstorms packing high winds hit parts of the Upper Midwest in late August. The USDA Risk Management Agency doesn't expect to know the full extent of damage until after harvest when most loss claims are finalized. (DTN photo by Matthew Wilde)
    Posted by Matt Wilde , Progressive Farmer Crops Editor

    Crops are in danger of loss as long as they are still in the field. If weather-related damage occurs, the USDA Risk Management Agency can guide farmers through the reporting process.

  • Ethanol Blog

    A Democratic group of lawmakers have asked the Biden administration to increase volumes in the Renewable Fuel Standard. (DTN file photo)

    A Democratic group of congressional lawmakers asked the Biden administration to expand Renewable Fuel Standard volumes, in a letter to the president.