• Canada Markets

    Canada's cumulative all-wheat licensed exports, as of week 23, total 11.454 million metric tons, up 22.3% from the same week in 2019-20 and 25% higher than the three-year average. (DTN graphic by Cliff Jamieson)
    Posted by Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst

    Canada's wheat exports continue strong, while export forecasts for Canada were revised higher by the USDA this week. Even the average pace of movement achieved during the past five years could see us reach and even exceed this forecast.

  • MachineryLink

    Julian Sanchez, John Deere director of emerging technologies. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Jim Patrico)
    Posted by Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor

    John Deere engages the tech world at its third CES showing. Julian Sanchez, director of emerging technologies, talks about how Deere is taking technology to the field.

  • Ag Policy Blog

    The sun is setting on Trump administration officials at departments such as USDA, but they are working at a break-neck pace right now to get out final rules before they leave office next week.  (DTN file photo)

    Federal agencies on Friday began cranking out end-of-time rules and tweaks to government programs as the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday limits the days left for the Trump administration to get any new rule out the door before Wednesday's change to the Biden...

  • Market Matters Blog

    DTN's weekly spot price for domestic distillers dried grains jumped 14 cents on average versus one week ago during the week ended Jan. 14. (DTN file photo)
    Posted by Mary Kennedy , DTN Basis Analyst

    DTN's weekly spot price for domestic distillers dried grains was higher on average versus a week ago.

  • Ag Weather Forum

    Arctic air will descend upon the Black Sea growing region into next week. Exposed winter grains will be susceptible to winter kill. (DTN graphic)
    Posted by John Baranick , DTN Meteorologist

    Stressful mid-January cold headed for wheat areas of Russia and eastern Ukraine.

  • Fundamentally Speaking

    Chart by Joel Karlin, DTN Contributing Analyst
    Posted by Joel Karlin , DTN Contributing Analyst

    USDA November to January 2020 corn revisions for top states and U.S. per bushel change vs. 2020 percent bushel change and largest percent bushel change from the 1990-2020 period

  • Minding Ag's Business

    The number of new non-real estate farm loans declined to the lowest level since 2017, but those that continue to borrow are asking for larger sums, according to a quarterly survey by the Kansas City Federal Reserve. (Chart courtesy of the Kansas City Federal Reserve)

    Lending activity declined in the fourth quarter of 2020 as farmers used proceeds from higher crop prices and government payments to cover their non-real estate expenses, according to a recent survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

  • South America Calling

    After some beneficial rain in Argentina Jan. 15-17, a dry week is forecast. The drier trend is also likely to cover eastern Brazil crop areas. (DTN graphic)
    Posted by John Baranick , DTN Meteorologist

    Only short-term rainfall benefit is indicated for Argentina during the next two weeks.

  • Ethanol Blog

    Twenty-three House members have asked President Donald Trump to order the EPA to reject 32 requests for small-refinery exemptions to the Renewable Fuel Standard for 2019. (DTN file photo by Nick Scalise)
    Posted by Todd Neeley , DTN Staff Reporter

    Members of the House biofuels caucus ask President Donald Trump in a letter to reject 32 pending requests for 2019 small-refinery exemptions.

  • Sort & Cull

    Nearly one in five restaurants have closed as of Dec. 1, 2020, creating significant concerns about how the food service industry and meat demand will be affected in the coming months and years. (Progressive Farmer photo by Getty Images)
    Posted by Rick Kment , DTN Analyst

    Significant changes in the restaurant and food service industry during the COVID-19 pandemic continue to create a significant long-term impact on meat demand. According to a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association, nearly one in five restaurants have closed...

  • Production Blog

    Farmers Reid Thompson of Colfax, Illinois, and Ryan Jenkins, of Jay, Florida, reported on crop conditions and agricultural topics throughout the 2020 growing season as part of DTN's View From the Cab series. (Photos courtesy of Reid Thompson and Ryan Jenkins)
    Posted by Pamela Smith , Crops Technology Editor

    Here's an opportunity to tell your story and give your view. Apply to be a contributor to our weekly View From the Cab series.

  • An Urban's Rural View

    USDA research is important and needs to be done, such as on crop pests and diseases. (Photo by David L. Hansen, University of Minnesota)

    It's easy to pooh-pooh Former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman's choice for USDA's most important function. But actually, he has a point.

  • Technically Speaking

    March feeder cattle are consolidating inside a pennant formation with the most likely direction of a breakout being down.

    DTN's weekly analysis of the livestock market.

  • Editors' Notebook

    It was tough to find anything, this year or any other, that had more influence on life in general than the coronavirus pandemic. (DTN photo collage by Nick Scalise)
    Posted by Greg D Horstmeier , DTN Editor-in-Chief

    Our annual look back on the major ag stories of the year was perhaps as painful as the year itself.