• MachineryLink

    A well-maintained undercarriage allows farmers to achieve their lowest cost per hour on the tracks. An undercarriage that is not in very good condition, with steel exposed, will reduce track life. (Photo courtesy of Case IH)
    Posted by Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor

    Some farmers need high tractive effort. So, they go wide on tires. Tracks achieve the same result with a narrower footprint, and they thrive in moist or wet soils.

  • Canada Markets

    The blue bars represent the crop condition index for select Saskatchewan crops as of July 26 based on the province's condition ratings. This compares to the index calculated in late July 2020 (brown bars) and the five-year average (green bars). (DTN graphic by Cliff Jamieson)
    Posted by Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst

    The crop condition index for Saskatchewan crops have slid lower during the past two weeks on continued hot and dry conditions.

  • Market Matters Blog

    DTN's weekly spot price for domestic distillers dried grains during the week ended July 29 was $5 higher on average versus one week ago. (DTN file photo)
    Posted by Mary Kennedy , DTN Basis Analyst

    DTN's weekly average spot price for domestic distillers dried grains was higher versus one week ago.

  • Ag Policy Blog

    Xochitl Torres Small and Robert Bonnie are sworn in before testifying at their Senate Agriculture Committee confirmation hearing on Thursday. Torres Small is nominate for undersecretary of rural development and Bonnie is nominated for farm production and conservation. (Photo by Jerry Hagstrom)
    Posted by Jerry Hagstrom , DTN Political Correspondent

    A pair of nominees for key undersecretary posts at USDA had their confirmation hearings on Thursday before the Senate Agriculture Committee. Climate change and rural broadband were among the dominant topics.

  • Ethanol Blog

    A group of senators has requested a meeting with President Joe Biden to talk biofuels. (DTN file photo by Chris Clayton)

    A group of Midwest senators have requested a meeting with President Joe Biden and his cabinet to talk about biofuels' role in the administration.

  • South America Calling

    Temperatures near to below freezing across southern Brazil occurred July 28-29 and are forecast for July 30. (DTN graphic)
    Posted by John Baranick , DTN Meteorologist

    The third round of frosts in the last month is the coldest with temperatures falling below the freezing mark in portions of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais -- areas where coffee, citrus, and sugarcane are more heavily farmed. Damage to these crops may be extensive.

  • Ag Weather Forum

    A long path of damage was recorded from severe thunderstorms July 28-29. (NOAA/SPC image)
    Posted by John Baranick , DTN Meteorologist

    A front moving southeast through the Midwest produced a good round of severe weather, but it could have been much worse.

  • Editors' Notebook

    Checking canola to see when it might be ready to harvest a few years ago. (DTN photo by Elaine Shein)
    Posted by Elaine Shein , Associate Managing Editor

    During Dad's last year, he gazed from a care facility window as the seasons changed and so did his life. Our almost daily phone calls from 1,165 miles apart kept us closer than ever.

  • Fundamentally Speaking

    Chart by Joel Karlin, DTN Contributing Analyst
    Posted by Joel Karlin , DTN Contributing Analyst

    Seasonality of U.S. corn crop ratings from week 23 to week 39

  • Sort & Cull

    Although cattlemen understand that the long-term trajectory of the market is positive, they still have to navigate through the challenging waters of today. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Becky Mills)
    Posted by ShayLe Stewart , DTN Livestock Analyst

    The challenge always is to understand how one overcomes today's trials in order to thrive in tomorrow's successes.

  • Technically Speaking

    DTN''s National Corn Index closed at $6.21 Friday, continuing to correct lower since the May 7 high of $7.48, while traders track weather developments and try to estimate the size of the 2021 corn crop (DTN ProphetX chart).
    Posted by Todd Hultman , DTN Lead Analyst

    Weekly charts for DTN national cash indices of corn, soybeans and hard red spring wheat show one correction, one bear trend and one bull market.

  • Production Blog

    Spotted lanternfly adults are about 1 inch long and are more subdued in color when wings are closed, but reveal a display of red when unfurled. (Photo by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture)
    Posted by Pamela Smith , Crops Technology Editor

    The colorful, but very destructive spotted lanternfly has traveled farther west to Indiana. Farmers are asked to keep an eye open for the pest.

  • An Urban's Rural View

    The pandemic dampened travel for several months but now as more people take to the air again, airline tickets have also soared. Other goods and services are also expected to rise. (DTN photo by Elaine Shein)
    Posted by Urban C Lehner , Editor Emeritus

    Despite back-to-back months of 5% increases in consumer prices, the Federal Reserve isn't hurrying to raise interest rates.

  • Minding Ag's Business

    DTN's recent special series called Keep the Good Times Rolling explored ways farmers can take advantage of strong corn and soybean prices to set their businesses up for success when the price cycle turns lower. (DTN illustration by Nick Scalise)
    Posted by Katie Micik Dehlinger , Farm Business Editor

    While few farmers consider drought or knee-muck to be good times, from a revenue perspective, this year presents the best opportunity for profits in nearly a decade. Here are the top suggestions from a recent DTN series on ways farmers can capitalize on current markets...