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DTN's Daily Basis Comments

DTN Daily Basis Comments

Friday Morning Basis Update

The national average basis for corn, SRW and HRW basis wheat was unchanged Thursday, and soybeans and HRS wheat basis was stronger.

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Market Strategies

CORN Strategies Snapshot

Closing Futures Price & Change

Electronic Corn (@C)
Mar 18 3.6675 0.0100
May 18 3.7475 0.0075
Jul 18 3.8250 0.0075
Mar 18 - May 18
Spread -$0.0800 Neutral


Monthly Trend Down
Weekly Trend Up

Market Structure

Bullish - Type 2

Seasonal Index

The market tends to trend up through early June.


2017: 100% production priced w/Jul 18 @ $3.81 2017: 100% Bot Jul $3.70 call options 2018: 100% Sold OCD July $4.20 puts Combined options = cost of $0.08 (2017)
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