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DTN's Daily Basis Comments

DTN Daily Basis Comments

Corn Basis Stronger

Corn and soft red winter wheat basis was stronger Friday, while soybeans, hard red winter wheat basis and spring wheat basis was unchanged.

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Market Strategies

CORN Strategies Snapshot

Closing Futures Price & Change

Electronic Corn (@C)
Jul 18 3.5725 0.0025
Sep 18 3.6650 0.0000
Dec 18 3.7800 -0.0025
Jul 18 - Sep 18
Spread -$0.0925 Neu/Bear


Monthly Trend Sideways
Weekly Trend Down

Market Structure

Neutral to bearish - Type 6

Seasonal Index

Corn prices tend to trend lower until early October.


2017: 100% cash sales made, near $4.00 per the July 2018 contract. No more positions open for 2017. 2018: 25% of expected prod. @ $4.04 2018: 25% of expected prod. @ $4.17 2019: 25% of expected prod. @ $4.14
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