• Bryce and Brian Irlbeck modified a John Deere Model B Van Brunt drill to interseed a cover crop between 30-inch rows of a young corn crop. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer photo by Lynn Betts)

    Underground Movement - 16

    Interseeding into knee-high corn allows cover-crop mixes more time to grow in the fall.

  • Brothers Paul and John Dubbels relied on a lot of trial-and-error shaping their farm's strip-till system. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by John Borge)

    Underground Movement - 15

    Three decades of tillage transitions bring changes to this Minnesota farm.

  • Steps like lowering the planting population or adjusting row spacing in soybeans can translate into higher profitability for margin-strapped growers. (DTN photo by Pamela Smith)

    Soybean Savings

    A Wisconsin soybean specialist highlights basic agronomic practices that can help you squeeze more profit out of your soybeans, from the planting date to row spacing and crop rotation.

  • DTN recently ran a poll question asking "Retail fertilizer prices have been on a steady increase since the beginning of 2017. Have you pre-purchased any of your fertilizer needs?" This chart shows how readers responded. (DTN chart)

    DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    The majority of farmers who responded to a recent DTN Poll said they pre-purchased their fertilizer needs several months ago.

  • Doug Toussaint and sons use cover crops, no-till and a diverse rotation to turn hardpan clays into aggregate-filled, tilthy soils. (Photo courtesy of Abbey Wick/North Dakota State)

    Underground Movement - 13

    Biologic tillage improves soil structure and profits.

  • Iowa farmer Dean Meyer wants conservation practices to improve water quality to remain voluntary. (Photo courtesy of Iowa Corn Growers)

    Underground Movement - 12

    Can voluntary soil-health practices head off tougher requirements?

Crop Perspectives

Cash Market Moves

A spring wheat field ready for harvest in fall 2016 near Gettysburg, South Dakota. (Photo courtesy Tom Luken, Onida, South Dakota)

Ag Weather Forum

Crop Markets

Description Last Chg More
3.1694 -0.0019
Symbol: NCI.X
Open: 3.1694
Close: 3.1694
Volume: 3
Previous: 3.1713
% Change: -0.06
YTD Change: 0.0159
YTD % Change: 0.5
Low: 3.1694
High: 3.1694
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 3/27/2017 7:00 PM
8.9516 -0.0349
Symbol: NSI.X
Open: 8.9516
Close: 8.9516
Volume: 3
Previous: 8.9865
% Change: -0.39
YTD Change: -0.3621
YTD % Change: -3.89
Low: 8.9516
High: 8.9516
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 3/27/2017 7:00 PM
3.7881 -0.0341
Symbol: SR.X
Open: 3.7881
Close: 3.7881
Volume: 0
Previous: 3.8222
% Change: -0.89
YTD Change: 0.1389
YTD % Change: 3.81
Low: 3.7881
High: 3.7881
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 3/27/2017 7:00 PM
3.3042 -0.0632
Symbol: HW.X
Open: 3.3042
Close: 3.3042
Volume: 0
Previous: 3.3674
% Change: -1.88
YTD Change: 0.1094
YTD % Change: 3.42
Low: 3.3042
High: 3.3042
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 3/27/2017 7:00 PM
4.9270 -0.0203
Symbol: SW.X
Open: 4.927
Close: 4.927
Volume: 0
Previous: 4.9473
% Change: -0.41
YTD Change: -0.1013
YTD % Change: -2.01
Low: 4.927
High: 4.927
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 3/27/2017 7:00 PM


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