• Comparison of the latest Gro yield model predictions for corn and soybeans, compared to USDA NASS figures. Yield numbers for 2017 are based on NASS final yields released in January versus Gro numbers at harvest. The 2018 figures are today's Gro model predictions compared to the Aug. 10 USDA crop report. (Graphics courtesy of Gro Intelligence)

    DTN Digital Yield Tour 2018-Final Tally

    Despite expected yield shortfalls in some Midwest states, record or near-record U.S. corn and soybean crops are forecast for 2018, according to the DTN Digital Yield Tour 2018 powered by Gro Intelligence.

  • This year, farmers in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana have battled a mixed bag of weather conditions with some drought continuing to linger in a few hot spots. You can find an interactive version of this map here: (Map Courtesy of Gro Intelligence)

    DTN Digital Yield Tour 2018- IA, IL, IN

    The I-states look to have a big crop in the hopper despite pockets of stress and some rocky starts, but maybe not as big as USDA thinks.

  • In addition to getting a feel for bushels, taking yield checks gives you a late-season look at how the crop is progressing. (DTN file photo)

    DTN Digital Yield Tour 2018

    The DTN Digital Yield Tour is based on computer models created by Gro Intelligence. You can ground truth those results with yield samples from your fields. Here's a common method for yield checking.

  • The effects of drought in Kansas and Missouri are clear, with darker areas displaying higher yields and lighter areas reflecting lower yields this season. See an interactive map here: (Map courtesy of Gro Intelligence)

    DTN Digital Yield Tour 2018 - KS, MO

    For Missouri, Gro Intelligence's yield models predict an overall corn yield of 140.96 bushels per acre and 45.16 bpa soybean syield. For Kansas, they peg corn yield at 139.85 bpa and soybeans at 39.38 bpa.

  • Each installment of the DTN/The Progressive Farmer Digital Yield Tour 2018 will feature links to live statewide plant health and crop yield estimation visuals supplied by Gro Intelligence. Readers can view yield data down to the county level. (Graphic courtesy of Gro Intelligence)

    DTN Digital Yield Tour 2018

    As the 2018 corn and soybean crops head for harvest, DTN/The Progressive Farmer takes a high-tech look at yield predictions featuring the satellite analytics and modeling of Gro Intelligence and on-the-ground-reporting.

Crop Perspectives

Ag Weather Forum

Most of the central U.S. had near to below-normal temperatures in July, with record warmth in the west and well-above-normal conditions in the south and northeast. (NCEI graphic)

Crop Markets

Description Last Chg More
3.3118 -0.0191
Symbol: NCI.X
Open: 3.3118
Close: 3.3118
Volume: 3
Previous: 3.3309
% Change: -0.57
YTD Change: 0.1577
YTD % Change: 5
Low: 3.3118
High: 3.3118
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 8/20/2018 7:00 PM
8.1017 0.0072
Symbol: NSI.X
Open: 8.1017
Close: 8.1017
Volume: 2
Previous: 8.0945
% Change: 0.09
YTD Change: -0.7560
YTD % Change: -8.53
Low: 8.1017
High: 8.1017
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 8/20/2018 7:00 PM
5.1406 -0.1841
Symbol: SR.X
Open: 5.1406
Close: 5.1406
Volume: 0
Previous: 5.3247
% Change: -3.46
YTD Change: 1.1954
YTD % Change: 30.3
Low: 5.1406
High: 5.1406
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 8/20/2018 7:00 PM
5.2814 -0.1759
Symbol: HW.X
Open: 5.2814
Close: 5.2814
Volume: 0
Previous: 5.4573
% Change: -3.22
YTD Change: 1.5166
YTD % Change: 40.28
Low: 5.2814
High: 5.2814
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 8/20/2018 7:00 PM
5.4559 -0.1380
Symbol: SW.X
Open: 5.4559
Close: 5.4559
Volume: 0
Previous: 5.5939
% Change: -2.47
YTD Change: -0.4572
YTD % Change: -7.73
Low: 5.4559
High: 5.4559
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 8/20/2018 7:00 PM
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