• New Orleans, Louisiana, barge prices for DAP and urea were down in November, while potash barge prices held steady. (Chart courtesy of Fertecon, Informa Agribusiness Intelligence)

    DTN Fertilizer Outlook

    Domestic wholesale prices for most fertilizers are expected to be lower in the short term due to seasonally slow demand and, in some cases, a larger-than-expected inventory carryover resulting from a poor fall application season.

  • U.S. demand for potash in 2017 increased to record levels and 2018 has been on course for a repeat. What is driving potash demand in the U.S. is increased corn and soybean applications of the nutrient. (Chart courtesy of Humphrey Knight, CRU International Ltd.)

    Global Fertilizer Outlook - 3

    Despite a global potash price at its highest level in three years, the outlook for the market is for more capacity than new demand. A fertilizer analyst believes this situation will put pressure on potash producers with smaller, higher-cost production facilities.

  • Global phosphate shipments have increased from around 61 million metric tons in 2010 to an estimated 70 mmt in 2018. (Chart courtesy of Michael Rahm, The Mosaic Company)

    Global Fertilizer Outlook - 2

    The global phosphorus fertilizer market appears well balanced heading into 2019, but some supply issues could alter this positive forecast. Environmental regulations in China curtailing phosphorus production there could have a huge effect...

  • Winter is upon us, but some farmers have a few fields left to harvest before they can tackle the paperwork and farm upkeep that come in the winter months. (DTN photo by Russ Quinn)

    DTN Field Roundup

    The year's final field roundup found some farmers still waiting on a few unharvested acres, while others are hauling grain, finishing up fall fertilizer and tillage, buying seed and reflecting on the year.

  • Global urea fertilizer demand grew about 3.7% each year from 2003 to 2013. Demand growth is forecast to slow down to about 1.5% each year from 2014 to 2023. (Chart courtesy of Alistair Wallace, Integer Research Ltd.)

    Global Fertilizer Outlook - 1

    The global nitrogen fertilizer market could be in a deficit in the next two to three years until more capacity can come on the market. A fertilizer analyst for Integer Research Ltd. based in London said plant closures, Chinese policy changes and U.S. sanctions on Iran could...

Crop Markets

Description Last Chg More
3.4931 0.0090
Symbol: NCI.X
Open: 3.4931
Close: 3.4931
Volume: 3
Previous: 3.4841
% Change: 0.26
YTD Change: 0.3390
YTD % Change: 10.75
Low: 3.4931
High: 3.4931
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 12/12/2018 7:00 PM
8.3252 0.0506
Symbol: NSI.X
Open: 8.3252
Close: 8.3252
Volume: 3
Previous: 8.2746
% Change: 0.61
YTD Change: -0.5325
YTD % Change: -6.01
Low: 8.3252
High: 8.3252
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 12/12/2018 7:00 PM
4.9409 0.0486
Symbol: SR.X
Open: 4.9409
Close: 4.9409
Volume: 0
Previous: 4.8923
% Change: 0.99
YTD Change: 0.9957
YTD % Change: 25.24
Low: 4.9409
High: 4.9409
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 12/12/2018 7:00 PM
4.7981 0.0673
Symbol: HW.X
Open: 4.7981
Close: 4.7981
Volume: 0
Previous: 4.7308
% Change: 1.42
YTD Change: 1.0333
YTD % Change: 27.45
Low: 4.7981
High: 4.7981
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 12/12/2018 7:00 PM
5.4937 0.0799
Symbol: SW.X
Open: 5.4937
Close: 5.4937
Volume: 0
Previous: 5.4138
% Change: 1.48
YTD Change: -0.4194
YTD % Change: -7.09
Low: 5.4937
High: 5.4937
Exchange: DTN
Trade Time: 12/12/2018 7:00 PM
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