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Market Strategies

CORN Strategies Snapshot

Closing Futures Price & Change

Electronic Corn (@C)
May 18 3.8275 -0.0400
Jul 18 3.9100 -0.0350
Sep 18 3.9675 -0.0325
May 18 - Jul 18
Spread -$0.0825 Neutral


Monthly Trend Down
Weekly Trend Up

Market Structure

Bullish - Type 2

Seasonal Index

The market tends to trend up through early June.


2017: 100% production priced w/Jul 18 @ $3.81 2017: 100% Bot Jul $3.70 call options 2018: 100% Sold OCD July $4.10 calls Combined options = cost of $0.08 (2017) 2018: 25% of expected prod. @ $4.04 2019: 25% of expected prod. @ $4.14
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DTN's Grain Quick Takes

OMAHA (DTN) -- As we near the close, May corn is down 2 1/2 cents, May soybeans are up 8 3/4 cents and July K.C. wheat is down 9 1/4 cents. Even with soybeans' higher prices and winter wheats' lower prices, trading volume is low Friday, likely headed for an uneventful finish.

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