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Don't Overlook Your Importance

ShayLe Stewart
By  ShayLe Stewart , DTN Livestock Analyst
Agriculturists work hard to ensure no one ever goes without. (Photo by Jimmy Stewart)

In lieu of negative headlines consuming everyone's newsfeeds, there's still a positive message for farmers and ranchers during this time of chaos: They are being recognized and appreciated as the backbone of America.

When the Department of Homeland Security deemed agriculture "essential" business and a necessity, expecting operations to strive to continue as usual, farmers and ranchers were given a tremendous amount of responsibility. This was despite almost the entire country -- indeed, much of the world -- being shut down and the majority of people staying within the comforts of their homes.

On farms and ranches, they knew how vital it was that grocery stores have produce for their customers to help people survive.

I want to thank farmers, ranchers, truck drivers and anyone else involved in agriculture who's working through these challenging times to make sure that others don't go without. There's no doubt that it's a heavy burden, on top of any other personal worries they are attempting to manage. However, just like every other crisis, they persevere.

Cattlemen are facing a changed world because of the coronavirus, their own health fears for their families and themselves, and also managing a complex market through it all. Last week was another whirlwind market as live cattle contracts and feeder cattle contracts were in limit gains or losses through the majority of the week. Such market extremes make it hard to stay attuned to the marketplace.

Tune into this week's Cattle Market News Video on the DTN/Progressive Farmer Facebook page to get the full market scoop to help you out:…

Also, I invite you to share pictures of your cattle operation and calving time that we can possibly post on DTN with future livestock blogs and columns. Please send horizontal photos, taken at the highest resolution with your camera or smartphone, as well as information on who took the picture and where. I look forward to your correspondence!

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