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By  Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst
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Here is a look at some of the most recent poll results, where readers get a chance to share their opinions on a variety of topics.

Does the loonie's sharp move against the U.S. dollar over the past two months make sense?

Sixty percent of respondents said no, the euphoria driving this and many markets will soon end, we're due for a correction.

Twenty percent responded to who knows?

Only 10% of respondents said that the move higher was justified and the trend will continue while a further 10% chose the option of maybe.

This poll was run at the end of March while the Canadian dollar has since moved more than 2 cents higher in April, with growing investor bullishness following a similar sentiment in the crude oil market, with today's trade reaching its highest level since November on the continuous chart. Investor sentiment, right or wrong, continues to drive these markets.

The next question: Given the current market signals, how do you see the mix of corn and soybean acres changing in 2016 on your farm or in your area?

Just over one half of the respondents suggested that the question did not pertain to their area. Close to 20% of respondents felt that soybean acres would gain on corn while a similar number of respondents felt that corn acres would increase at the expense of soybeans. The balance of respondents felt that the acreage mix would remain unchanged.

Manitoba growers that indicated they were affected by the acreage decision favored choice 2, or increased corn acres at the expense of soybeans, while last week's Statistics Canada March intentions report show that Manitoba producers plan to boost both soybean and corn acreage by a similar amount from last year.

Ontario growers were split between the choices which included rotations remaining unchanged and the choice which indicated that soybean acres would increase at the expense of corn acres. This may be viewed as contrary to the recent Statistics Canada report which shows a small year-over-year in corn acres while soybean acres are forecast to fall from 2015 levels.

Finally, when readers were asked what they think of the final report released by the Canadian Transportation Agency review panel, approximately 8% of respondents were in favor of the report. Roughly 23% of respondents chose the choice which states: I have mixed feelings; the report has some strong points but phasing out the railways' Maximum Revenue Entitlement would be a mistake. This option was selected by one half of the Manitoba respondents while was also the most popular choice for Saskatchewan respondents who were familiar with the findings.

An equivalent number of respondents, or just less than a quarter of the respondents, also indicated that they did not like the report at all and felt it was too railway-friendly. This option was selected by one half of the Manitoba respondents and nearly one-third of Alberta respondents.

Nearly 50% of respondents indicated that they had not read the report.


DTN 360 Poll

This week's question asks how you think that actual planted acres in Canada in 2016 will vary from the March intentions released by Statistics Canada. You can weigh in with your thoughts on DTN's weekly poll, found at the lower-right side of your DTN Home Page. We appreciate your feedback!

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