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Quiet Week Results in Steady DDG Prices

Cheryl Anderson
By  Cheryl Anderson , DTN Staff Reporter

Prices of dried distillers grains remained mostly unchanged in the past week as merchandisers reported a quiet week without much volatility.

Spot prices moved only slightly up or down, making only minor adjustments with no overall trends in the past week.

The DTN weekly spot price average remained unchanged from last week at $265 per ton. This marks the ninth week that the average has hovered between $265 and $271 per ton.

Of the 29 Midwestern locations DTN collects prices from, eight locations reported their prices increased from last week and five locations said prices had decreased. Prices at 16 locations remained the same since last week.

Merchandisers told DTN that the market had been very quiet with stable prices and without much volatility. Exports continued to drive the market in the past week and some tightness in supply continued, as one merchandiser was sold out for March and April.

The value of DDG relative to corn last week fell about 1%, from 102.31% last week to 101.26%. The value of DDG relative to soybean meal was at 62.68% this week.

The cost per unit of protein for DDG was $10.60 this week, compared to the cost per unit of protein for soybean meal at $8.90.

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