May 2021

Your Land

More than 47 years of burning, Ed Koger has noticed better weaning weights and faster breedback for his 1,100-head Angus cow herd. The Hashknife Ranch also hosts up to 1,500 yearlings each year to harvest the invigorated prairie grasses. (Dan Crummett)

Rotating the management tool on small sections of pastures boosts ranch efficiency and restores diverse wildlife and native plant populations.

Your Farm

A narrow-row corn crop gets hungry, and Wallis Farms uses sidedressing to meet the yield goals of each field. (Mary Ann Carter)

Two decades of shaving row widths serves up lessons in Indiana.

Your Life

Peach Sangria (Rachel Johnson)

This cocktail pairs perfectly with grilled tenderloin.


(Karl Wolfshohl)

High-risk calves lose value as feeders shift to less population-based management.


(Photo Illustration by Nick Scalise)

For corn and soybeans, understanding the seasonal patterns of each has been a helpful tool guiding risk-management decisions for decades. Is that still the case after 2020?

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