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  • Per-Acre Prices, Image by The Progressive Farmer


    COLORADO, Cheyenne County. Dryland farm totaling 300 acres sold at public action for $222,600. Average per-acre price was $742. Buyer received one-third of growing wheat crop, which comprised 150 acres of the land, and immediate possession of the fallow ground. Contact...

  • Image by Debra L. Ferguson

    Bring Back the Longleaf

    Well over 400 years ago, before the United States was even a twinkle in the eyes of the founding fathers, 90 million acres of what would become the Southeastern United States was blanketed with longleaf pine forests. By the turn of the 21st century, things had changed...

  • Per-Acre Prices, Image by Progressive Farmer


    ARKANSAS, Chicot County. Acreage totaling 1,170, with 1,120 precision-leveled and irrigated acres of cropland, sold for $5.21 million, or $4,450 per acre. The land was mostly clay soils and included 12 electric irrigation wells. Crop history includes corn, soybeans and rice. Contact...

  • The Pattersons (left to right): Arnell, Rodrick, Joe, Samuel II, Beatrice, Samuel Sr., Michael Jr. and Essie, Image by John Keen

    "We Do All We Do"

    Post-World War II, Percy Patterson, from Drew, Mississippi, was weighing his options for a future. Instead of heading north like a lot of young men his age, he decided to stay in Mississippi.

  • Per Acre Prices, Image by Progressive Farmer


    ILLINOIS, Marion County. Contiguous farmland totaling 705 acres sold at auction in nine tracts for $3,295,000, or $4,674 per acre. Of the acreage, 513 acres were tillable, with most of the balance in timber. One tract included a home and outbuildings, including a shop, grain...

  • Seth Thompson calls ring-neck ducks into a decoy-populated impoundment in eastern North Carolina, Image by Thomas Harvey

    Wild Things

    As a dawn fog lifts over eastern North Carolina, a squad of ring-necked ducks glides into decoys beckoning them down into an area of standing cornstalks poking up from a shallow water impoundment.

  • Jean and Scott Johnson take a holistic management approach to all the moving parts on their Flying Diamond Ranch, Image by Rob Lagerstrom

    Testing New Futures

    "No. You missed that," Scott Johnson says, correcting a caller. He and his wife, Jean, were traversing a part of eastern Colorado on one end of a long-distance struggle with cell service. The caller had entirely missed the point Scott made about holistic management. It is...