• (Boyd Kidwell)

    Integrate Cover Crops With Livestock

    Costs tied to cover crop production may be offset by adding livestock to the mix.

  • Gary Greene, Louisiana-based veterinarian and cattle breeder, relies on ryegrass grazing and baleage for developing bulls. (Becky Mills)

    Lean Bulls Are Fertile Bulls

    A heavy, slick animal is a guaranteed attention-grabber, but he may not be bringing the goods.

  • Ken Griner puts disposition high on the list when evaluating potential herd sires for Florida's Usher Land and Timber. (Becky Mills)

    Bull Genetics Play Key Role in a Successful Herd

    Herd sires carry a hefty price tag, but it's secondary to what his genetics deliver.

  • Labor to move cows and temporary fencing can be as close as family. Jimmy Ray Parish has a great crew in his son, Beau, 13, and daughter, Haley, 11. (Becky Mills)

    Fall Calving Fencing

    Understand the balance between cows and nutrition to successfully manage a fall-calving herd.

  • Cooper and Katie Hurst stress that their internal-parasite-control program for the herd is part of a whole-systems approach. (Becky Mills)

    Parasite Resistance Takes a Whole-Systems Approach

    Mississippi couple uses a whole-systems approach to cut back on deworming in their cow herd.

  • The per-head cost to tag cattle as part of a traceability program would vary widely based on economies of scale. (Jim Patrico)

    Producers Bear the Cost of Traceability

    Report shows cattle producers would bear most of the cost of a voluntary national contact-trace system.

  • (Becky Mills)

    Sudden Deaths May Indicate Anaplasmosis

    Sudden deaths in cow herds may be a sign of this blood-borne disease.