• Ken Griner puts disposition high on the list when evaluating potential herd sires for Florida's Usher Land and Timber. (Becky Mills)

    Bull Genetics Play Key Role in a Successful Herd

    Herd sires carry a hefty price tag, but it's secondary to what his genetics deliver.

  • Labor to move cows and temporary fencing can be as close as family. Jimmy Ray Parish has a great crew in his son, Beau, 13, and daughter, Haley, 11. (Becky Mills)

    Fall Calving Fencing

    Understand the balance between cows and nutrition to successfully manage a fall-calving herd.

  • Cooper and Katie Hurst stress that their internal-parasite-control program for the herd is part of a whole-systems approach. (Becky Mills)

    Parasite Resistance Takes a Whole-Systems Approach

    Mississippi couple uses a whole-systems approach to cut back on deworming in their cow herd.

  • (Becky Mills)

    Sudden Deaths May Indicate Anaplasmosis

    Sudden deaths in cow herds may be a sign of this blood-borne disease.

  • The per-head cost to tag cattle as part of a traceability program would vary widely based on economies of scale. (Jim Patrico)

    Producers Bear the Cost of Traceability

    Report shows cattle producers would bear most of the cost of a voluntary national contact-trace system.

  • (Mark Parker)

    Cover Value

    Boost a cover's agronomic value by using it as a supplemental feed resource for cattle.

  • At Georgia's Crawford Cattle Co., alternative feeds, including things like hominy and whole cottonseed, help manage costs. (Bottom row from left to right) Tanner Crawford, Kylie Keene, Phillip Crawford, Melissa Crawford, Erica Hasty and (top row) Chandler Crawford with Paisley Hasty (Photo by Becky Mills)

    Byproducts Can Make a Perfect Fit for Some Cattle Feeds

    Rising costs make byproducts a perfect fit for some of today's best cattle feeds.