• Alan and Wendy Kelley are 20 years into a three-breed cross made up of Red Angus, Hereford and Brahman. (Becky Mills)

    Crossbreeding Cattle Creates a Winning Formula

    Red Angus-Hereford-Brahman cattle are a winning formula for this rancher.

  • Virginia cattle producer Roy Boldridge uses electric Polywire and posts to rotate his herd on stockpiled forage. (Becky Mills)

    300 Days of Grazing Can Keep Costs Low

    These growers aim for cattle on pasture 300 days per year to keep hay costs low.

  • Travis Mitchell (left) works with Clemson's Brian Beer to group and sell feeder load lots with Saluda County Cattlemen's Association. (Becky Mills)

    Commingle Cattle for Uniform Load Lots and More Profit

    Build truckload lots of cattle from multiple sources to win the marketing game.

  • Joseph Egloff started a small processing and packing plant to sell his cattle direct to local markets. (Becky Mills)

    Challenges of Starting or Expanding a Small Packing Plant

    Starting or expanding a small packing plant is challenging and expensive.

  • Hannah and Eric Klitz are adding to the family beef business by building connections online and at their new retail location. (Courtesy of Oak Barn Beef)

    Future of Food

    Cattle producers want to take a larger share of beef's retail price by going direct to their loyal consumers.

  • Caleb Williams may be 24 years old, but he's had good mentors and lots of real-world experience to help him build a business. (Becky Mills)

    Five Successful Practices From a Young Cattle Producer

    Young rancher's top five steps to a successful beef business.

  • (Joe Dickie)

    Planned Bale Management Brings More Than Profits

    Ranchers find winter bale grazing eases workloads and builds soil health.