• Image by Tiffany Dowell Lashmet

    Our Rural Roots

    It seems there is always more to do on our farm. We have sheep to sort and fields to irrigate; fences to fix or cows to gather. Rarely do we have any down time. It's tempting to blow and go, put your head down and just keep moving. That's the way things are usually...

  • Inside The Market

    Much of the focus of this year's unusually wet spring weather has been on corn and the impact it will have on reducing ending corn stocks and raising prices in 2019–20, but another bullish aspect of spring took place in U.S. soft red winter (SRW) wheat.

  • Wallis Family, Image by Nikki Wallis


    "What's your crop look like?" "Get any rain last week?" Put farmers together and you can bet weather and crop conditions will dominate the conversation.

  • Tar spot, Image by Martin Chilvers, Michigan State University


    No amount of elbow grease can remove the aptly named corn disease called tar spot, but researchers are devising better ways to monitor it.

  • Image provided by Solinftec


    There's a new digital partnership in the ag world. AGCO Corporation has announced it has joined forces with Solinftec, an international developer of digital ag solutions. Solinftec was founded in 2007 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and today does business in 10 countries, including the...

  • AGCO Connect, Image provided by AGCO


    A next generation telemetry product, AGCO Connect allows farmers to maximize the efficiency of machinery operations with near real-time visibility into all field operations, including monitoring of fuel and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) consumption, engine hours, time to service...

  • Fendt 900, Image provided by AGCO Fendt


    Fendt is rolling out this fall an aggressively-styled and fully redesigned 900 series tractor targeting the North American row crop market. From first look, it is a tractor distinguished by the smooth lines of its narrowed hood, large, black, mesh-like grill, and a dozen...