• We'd Like to Mention

    There is something wrong with the new farm math. Land was once worth what it would return. Today's new-math landlords believe the return on ownership is a piece of everything tied to the land.

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    Around the Show Circuit

    Farm shows provide opportunities for ag equipment manufacturers to showcase new machinery.

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    Ask the Mechanic

    Steve Thompson answers readers' questions about all things mechanical.

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    Our Rural Roots

    Take care of yourself by taking a pause every now and then.

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    Our Rural Roots

    Sometimes, it's not about having the best but making the best with what you have.

  • BusinessLink

    It's hard to maintain a positive outlook with the trade war, tough growing season, thin profit margins, etc., but it's worth the effort. Research shows positive leadership is a competitive advantage.

  • TaxLink

    Cash method of accounting is under attack.