• Rising input costs are cooling growers' outlook for the future. (Jim Patrico)

    We'd Like To Mention

    According to the most recent Agriculture Confidence Index, growers are in a much better state of mind than ahead of the 2020 harvest but less than spring 2021.

  • (Pamela Smith)


    Drought and temperature changes are altering the landscape in crop-growing regions around the world.

  • (Meredith Bernard)

    Inside the Market

    October is typically the time of year when corn and soybean prices are near their lows for the season, but this year's declines have been mild to date.

  • (Claire Vath)

    Ask the Vet

    Dr. Ken McMillan responds to a readers' questions about farm veterinary issues.

  • Sprocket is using a No. 2060 chain. (Steve Thompson)

    Ask the Mechanic

    Steve Thompson answers readers' questions about all things mechanical.

  • Characteristic freckles and lesions associated with Goss's wilt. (Tamra Jackson-Ziems, University of Nebraska)


    To protect against Goss's bacterial wilt and leaf blight, one of the most damaging diseases to corn, choosing resistant varieties is still the best option.

  • Drought stressed corn near Ashley, Illinois. (Pamela Smith)


    MIT researchers, with others, are working to perfect a coating for seed to mitigate drought stress on plants during the crucial germination phase.