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    Inside the Market

    Here in the U.S., USDA gathers important grain supply information and freely publishes the data for the world to see. Grain supply information for China is largely hidden, which leaves the U.S. vulnerable.

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    National Wheat Foundation annual National Wheat Yield Contest results show getting wheat to yield knows no boundaries if intensively managed.

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    We'd Like To Mention

    Investment, data and related tech will help shape the future of ag.

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    Family Business Matters

    Form new habits and toss out old ones to help with management transition.

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    Our Rural Roots

    As winter sets in, this blogger has resolved to keep her family's daily dose of fresh air a top priority.

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    There is a high likelihood of La Nina lasting through the 2021 spring season bringing above-normal precipitation to some areas of the U.S. and drought to others.

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    No gain or loss is recognized when property is involuntarily converted into similar property or property related in service or use. Rod Mauszycki explains this IRS code.