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    We'd Like To Mention

    American farmers are not just a part of the U.S. economy, but a part of a global industry. Tracking what growers are doing around the world provides a snapshot of important trends.

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    Higher interest rates aren't necessarily bad, and if they work as the Federal Reserve anticipates, it will slow the inflation of expenses and possibly bring the land market into check.

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    Family Business Matters

    Sacrificial behavior is often expected in a family business. Consider types of sacrifices and how they apply to your family's company.

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    DTN Tax Columnist Rod Mauszycki explains residual soil fertility, why it has become popular and how it can affect your taxes and bottom line.

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    Inside the Market

    There are glimmers of hope for U.S. corn exports in 2023, and one of them comes from drought in Argentina.

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    Our Rural Roots

    Unconditional companionship creates a special bond between a "go dog" and its human.

  • Meredith Bernard continues her journey to be stronger and healthier, physically, mentally and spiritually. (Austin Bernard)

    Our Rural Roots

    Blogger Meredith Bernard resolves to continue a journey not to be a new "me," but to be the best "me" in body, mind and spirit.