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    Government payments are masking farm incomes leading to financial stress and uncertainty for longer-term prospects.

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    Will farmers be allowed to spray dicamba postemergence in soybeans and cotton next season? Many questions remain.

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    We'd Like To Mention

    Carbon is cool again. Multiple initiatives have been announced or proposed that pay farmers to adopt practices that sequester carbon on their farms and ranches.

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    Fall 2020 has the earmarks of a season with many crop areas looking at a warm and dry pattern. The exceptions are in the corners of the U.S.

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    Our Rural Roots

    There is promise in every sunrise, joy in every silly joke-induced laugh, peace in every ride through the pasture, beauty in every flower blooming and delight in every bird singing.

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    Ask The Mechanic

    Steve Thompson answers readers' questions about all things mechanical.

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    Our Rural Roots

    Imagine untraditional scents from a "Seasons on the Farm Candle Collection."