February 2020

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Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Farmer)

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Your Farm

Michael Bates credits the 40-Acre Challenge with reinforcing the need to watch costs at Bates Next Generation Farm, in particular by doing as much with as few passes as possible. (Progressive Farmer image by Des Keller)

The friendly competition isn't necessarily to get the highest corn yields, though high yields are always a goal, but to be the most efficient producer for the money that is spent.

Your Life

(Progressive Farmer image by USDA and Knell, 1943)

Cornerstones highlights thought-provoking quotations from notable folks.


A producer takes samples for DNA testing with a tissue sampling unit. (Progressive Farmer image Provided by Neogen)

DNA testing has taken huge leaps over the years, but poor sampling techniques often cause testing to fail, adding weeks or even months to a timeline.


(Progressive Farmer image by Pamela Smith)

A new kind of plant health product called Source comes to market this year.

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