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  • For more information about the CP770 (right)or CS770, visit (Provided by John Deere)


    Company launches a pair of highly efficient cotton harvesters.

  • Top row, Garth Hodges, BASF; Jackie Applegate, Bayer. Bottom row, Judd O'Connor, Corteva; Justin Wolfe, Syngenta (Photos supplied by the respective brands)

    Seed Company Leadership Profiles

    Four firms hold a majority market share of agricultural seeds.

  • Quinn Albrecht assesses corn at Beck's Superior Hybrids' nursery, near Marshalltown, Iowa. (Matthew Wilde)

    Crop Breeding for Weather Extremes

    Breeding efforts are underway to help crops better weather climate extremes.

  • Minnesota farmer Mitch Thompson likes the ease of e-commerce to purchase seed and other inputs. (Greg Lamp)

    Seed E-Commerce Growing

    Purchasing seed and other inputs online isn't likely to replace retailers and dealers anytime soon.

  • Chris Gaesser, Corning, Iowa, grew eight varieties of seed soybeans for Stine Seed in 2021. "The premium more than justifies the extra work," he says. (Matthew Wilde)

    Seed Growing Benefits

    Financial benefits and extra work accompany seed production.

  • Seed tag (Pamela Smith)

    Seed Tags List Important Information

    Seed tags can be a valuable source of information.

  • Fendt 900 Series applicator (Provided by Fendt)


    Fendt is bringing new Rogator to U.S.