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  • Jim Friedericks (left) and Casey Robinson, of VAS AgSource Laboratories, take corn tissue samples to determine the crop's nutrient needs. (Submitted by VAS AgSource Laboratories)

    In Season Sampling Tips

    Follow these in-season sampling tips to determine if crops need a fertilizer boost.

  • Many variables need to be considered when calculating how much nitrogen to apply. (Matthew Wilde)

    Fertilizer Rates

    How to figure fertilizer rates when prices are soaring.

  • Barb Protector (Ralph A. Mark Jr.)

    Handy Devices

    Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier. Readers send in helpful solutions to farm and ranch problems.

  • Guy Schafer (left) with son, Henry, and in-laws, Vicky and Jeff Purdue (Dave Charrlin)

    Loss of Family Member Changes Farm Dynamic

    The unexpected loss of a family member changes the course of this farmer's career.

  • Monarch Tractor says its units cut operating costs by $45 per operating day compared to similarly sized diesel tractors. (Provided by Monarch Tractor)

    Autonomous Tractor

    Monarch Tractor deploys first fully electric, driver-optional smart-farming tractors.

  • Bailey Family Farm of Xenia, Illinois, thrives on planting continuous soybeans. This year, soybeans make up 80 percent of the family's acres. (Cole Bailey)

    Crop Production

    Here are five tips to counter the challenges of growing soybeans after soybeans.

  • A narrow-row corn crop gets hungry, and Wallis Farms uses sidedressing to meet the yield goals of each field. (Mary Ann Carter)

    Lessons of 20-Inch Rows

    Two decades of shaving row widths serves up lessons in Indiana.