• (Progressive Farmer image by Jim Patrico)

    Inside the Market

    As 2019 repeatedly reminded us, markets are full of uncertainty and don't always behave according to the rules of the past.

  • TaxLink

    Sometimes, the best option for a failing farm is to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy in farming has its own bankruptcy code, Chapter 12, which allows the farm to restructure and continue operations.

  • Irish farmer Kevin Nolan grows a variety of small grains using precision ag tools to better manage inputs and increase yields. (Progressive Farmer image by Gregg Hillyer)

    We'd Like to Mention

    Editor in Chief Gregg Hillyer discusses Ireland's place in the world ag market and its Brexit concerns.

  • We'd Like to Mention

    There is something wrong with the new farm math. Land was once worth what it would return. Today's new-math landlords believe the return on ownership is a piece of everything tied to the land.

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    Around the Show Circuit

    Farm shows provide opportunities for ag equipment manufacturers to showcase new machinery.

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    Pest Watch

    Planting native wildflowers is a good way to add some beauty to your property, but could it also add to your bottom line?

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    Ask the Mechanic

    Steve Thompson answers readers' questions about all things mechanical.