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    Our Rural Roots

    I had my midlife crisis all planned out, but apparently, my midlife crisis did not get the memo.

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    Our Rural Roots

    Of all the things we have to do and get done, one thing I always strive to accomplish is a nightly sit-down family meal. It's our time to regroup, share old stories and new, and, all-in-all, just be together. Working cattle, planting corn, making hay and then on to harvest can...

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    As I write, my 3-month-old son is stretched out on his back on the floor batting at his favorite blue octopus toy and cooing at it mischievously. I've only been back to work for a few weeks, but our babysitter has called in sick, so I'm doing double duty.

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    Inside The Market

    In the season of 1986–87, U.S. ending stocks of corn were at 66% of annual use, 45 percentage points above the 21% ending stocks-to-use ratio for soybeans. The mountain of corn in relation to soybeans stands as the widest supply disparity those two crops have seen...

  • Flooding along Missouri River in 2019, Image by Jim Patrico


    For much of U.S. crop country, the major weather event of the 2019 crop year is flooding. The magnitude and area of coverage are mind-boggling.

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    Now that tax season is over, I'm visiting my clients and reviewing their year-to-date financial statements. One discussion point is basic blocking and tackling. I recently read that farm income is projected to be 45% lower in 2019 than its peak in 2013. Have you lowered your...

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    A new dicamba herbicide premix from Syngenta offers a combination punch in the field but needs to be used earlier in the season than competing products.