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    Grain producers haven't had much to like about profit margins in recent years, but there are farmers making them work.

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    Inside the Market

    Among DTN's Six Factor Market Strategies, seasonality for corn and soybeans is the one factor that comes closest to single-handedly qualifying as a risk-management strategy all by itself.

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    All eyes, or at least a large portion of them, will closely track the crop weather scene in South America.

  • Wide, slow-moving farm equipment presents a double hazard on rural roads. (Progressive Farmer image by Mike Boyatt)

    We'd Like to Mention

    Gregg Hillyer, Progressive Farmer, Editor in Chief, ponders potential damages to exports and reputations from the escalating tensions of the U.S. and China trade dispute.

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    One question that often comes up during tax planning is how you should pay a worker. This is a difficult question to answer.

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    Ask The Mechanic

    READER: I have taken a Ford loader hydraulic bucket cylinder to a professional cylinder rebuilder two times.

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    Pest Watch

    Corn rootworm resistance to transgenic crops has become a growing concern for farmers, but a new study may bring us one step closer to another option for controlling this adaptable pest.