• Julian Sanchez, second from right explains Deere's "See and Spray" at the Consumer Electronics Show. (Progressive Farmer image by Dan Miller)

    Machinery Link

    Deere's director of precision ag talks about the state of machine technology and artificial intelligence.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by Steve Thompson)

    Ask the Mechanic

    Steve Thompson answers readers' questions about all things mechanical.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by Getty Images)

    Family Business Matters

    JoThink beyond financial investments for greater returns in the future.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by Getty Images)

    Ask the Vet

    Dr. Ken McMillan responds to a readers' questions about farm veterinary issues.

  • Dr. Robert Mullen (Progressive Farmer image provided by eKonomics)

    Ask the Agronomist

    Optimizing returns on every dollar spent on fertilizer and crop nutrition holds the key to profitable crop production. Ask the Agronomist, brought to you by eKonomics, provides crucial nutrient management answers as you prepare for the 2020 growing season.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by TeeJet)


    Verdict reached in one lawsuit, and other lawsuits are pending regarding dicamba herbicide.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by National Wheat Foundation)


    Enrollment for the 2020 National Wheat Yield Contest is already underway.