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    Our Rural Roots

    Meredith Bernard blogs and dives into exciting new projects from her North Carolina family farm.

  • Median Net Farm Income(Progressive Farmer image by Center for Farm Financial Management, University of Minnesota)


    Despite the challenging economic environment, there are farms that are thriving.

  • Inside the Market

    Todd Hultman, DTN Lead Analyst, says it would not be surprising to see USDA provide an additional corn-production estimate after its January "WASDE" report.

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    America's Best Young Farmers and Ranchers

    Apply for the 2021 class of America's Best Young Farmers and Ranchers.

  • TaxLink

    Rod Mauszycki reflects on the "wild" 2019 tax year.

  • We'd Like to Mention

    Editor in Chief Gregg Hillyer introduces a special ongoing series exploring the disruption coming in the 2020's decade.

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    There is no easy button with soybeans. You can plant the same populations and use the same treatments as the next farmer and get vastly different results.