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    Family Business Matters

    Transitioning family businesses between generations can be tricky. Knowing when or how to hand off responsibilities to a younger partner requires good judgment in the elder and some awareness of how the senior partner will spend his or her future.

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    Ask The Vet

    READER: My neighbor had one of his dogs die, and he said he thought it was a heat stroke. Our dogs are outside all the time when we are working. What are the signs of heat stroke in dogs, and what can I do to treat it?

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    Ask The Mechanic

    READER: I bought a multimeter the other day and was showing it off to the guys in the coffee shop. Of course, everything that is brought in there is subject to scrutiny. So, the discussion about my new meter dealt with the checking of ohms. We were able to determine...

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    Our Rural Roots

    I am a farmer's wife. I do not drive tractors. I do not market the crop. I do not sit in on daily discussions of what needs to happen where on the farm. I do, however, run for parts, dinners and farmers. And when times are hard, I try my darnedest to find the silver lining.

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    The land market is holding its breath.

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    Producers in the southeastern U.S. are still in recovery mode following calamitous hurricanes in 2018. Hurricanes Florence and Michael caused extensive damage to crops, livestock, farmsteads and communities. And, the year before, hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma wreaked...

  • TaxLink

    Back in January, the IRS released final regulations on Section 199A. Due to several flaws, the agency continued to work on the verbiage and mechanics.