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    Our Rural Roots

    Few monitor the ebb and flow of Mother Nature more closely than a farmer.

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    Ask the Vet

    Dr. Ken McMillan responds to a readers' questions about farm veterinary issues.

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    Ask the Mechanic

    READER: It gets extremely cold here in Texas every few years. When it does, sometimes our diesel feed trucks are hard to start. Both the Fords and Dodges have preheaters, but some are still hard to start.

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    Between high commodity prices, low interest rates, limited supply and a perception of safety, farmland prices are shattering records.

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    Inside the Market

    The past couple years have been nerve-wracking for those relying on traditional market analysis. Through confusing times, the best marketing tips have come from grain prices themselves.

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    Our Rural Roots

    This blogger doesn't have to get too far from home to hear, "You're not from around here, are you?"

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    Family Business Matters

    One of the hardest tasks in a family business is transitioning relationships to the next generation.