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    We'd Like to Mention

    Growers prescribe to many practices to improve soil health on their farms.

  • Being active in environmental discussions gives Trey Hill a voice in the practices he uses on his Maryland farm, Image by Pamela Smith


    Trey Hill manages a dozen employees and 13,000 acres of farmland overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, one of the most environmentally scrutinized farming regions in the country.

  • CropLink

    Corteva Agriscience has officially become an independent company. On June 1, the company separated from DowDuPont to become a global pure-play agriculture company offering seed, crop protection and digital solutions.

  • More farmers will have access to AgriGold seed products as the brand expands west this year, Image provided by the manufacturer


    The seed footprint of AgReliant Genetics is expanding in the northwestern Corn Belt.

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    Ask The Vet

    Reader: Our corral is past due for replacing, and I want to do it right. We have a small herd and can't spend a fortune. Do you have any plans or tips that might help me?

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    Ask The Mechanic

    READER: I've always wondered why a flathead engine has so many names? I've seen it called a flathead, side valve and L-head engine. I know that the engine head is flat for flathead, and all the valves are on one side of the engine for side valve, but I can't see where the...

  • Operations should include family members in discussions about the future and recognition of contributions and skills, Image by Jim Patrico

    Family Business Matters

    Family businesses are simultaneously full of emotion and silence. The intense feelings of love, frustration, pride, conflict or disappointment we feel toward family members with whom we work, while occasionally erupting in heated shouts or congratulatory hugs, more often are...