• The Lexion and the Xerion by CLAAS (Progressive Farmer image provided by CLAAS)


    Manufacturer introduces a new Lexion combine, Axion tractors and three hay tools.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by Steve Thompson)

    Ask the Mechanic

    Steve Thompson answers readers' questions about all things mechanical.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by Chris Clayton)

    Ask the Vet

    Dr. Ken McMillan responds to a readers' questions about prebiotics and horse feed supplements.

  • Joe (Right) and Todd Nichols (Progressive Farmer image by Rob Lagerstrom)

    Family Business Matters

    Set examples for future generations by embracing values over assets.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by Getty Images)

    Our Rural Roots

    Volunteering to bring the farmyard to the schoolyard doesn't have to be a daunting task.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by Tiffany Dowell Lashmet)

    Our Rural Roots

    The best fruits of the harvest are the memories made with the people we love.

  • BusinessLink

    Grain producers haven't had much to like about profit margins in recent years, but there are farmers making them work.