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Soybean Extremes May Be Difficult to Defend

Todd Hultman
By  Todd Hultman , DTN Lead Analyst
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On Jan. 29, 2024, DTN's National Soybean Index fell below the 2021 low of $11.46 a bushel and stayed below the old low for over a month. July soybean prices in China increased nearly 10% from the February low to the end of March, a strong response to increased buying at soybeans' lower prices (DTN ProphetX chart).

DTN's national index of cash soybean prices has been trending lower since reaching a high of $13.30 in mid-November, a downhill slide that started with a return of beneficial rains to Brazil after Thanksgiving followed by more over the New Year's weekend. Those cash prices reached a low of $10.79 on Feb. 27 before turning higher in March, ending the month at $11.34 a bushel. Along the way down, prices took out the 2021 low of $11.46 a bushel but have since returned near the old breakout. Because production costs have risen the past few years, the $10.79 low in late February is the equivalent of $8.24 a bushel in pre-COVID terms, a fundamentally cheap price for soybeans, especially when you consider USDA is estimating an 8% ending stocks-to-use ratio for 2023-24.

Technically speaking, the trend remains down for DTN's soybean index, but the rebound in March is encouraging for cash U.S. soybean prices, the possible start of a rejection of an extremely cheap price level. It is also encouraging to see the price of July soybeans in China rebound nearly 10% from its February low in March and settle Monday at the U.S. equivalent of $14.42 a bushel. Sustained closes in the DTN index above the March high of $11.55, if they happen, would be technically bullish signs for soybean prices as the uncertainty of a new planting season gets underway.


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