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Drier Argentina Trend

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist
Pacific Ocean temperatures have cooler trends, continuing a weak La Nina pattern. (NOAA graphic by Nick Scalise)

Another drying trend is setting up for central Argentina and southern Brazil during the next seven to 10 days.

Except for some southern portions of central Argentina, most of the corn and soybean areas of Brazil and Argentina are experiencing favorable moisture conditions at this time. However, we do see signs that limited rainfall and episodes of hot weather will occur in central Argentina and Rio Grande do Sul Brazil during the next seven to 10 days. This will deplete soil moisture and increase crop stress.

This drier pattern does correlate with the La Nina that we are currently experiencing. However, this pattern is likely not going to last long enough to cause any major crop damage. There are indications on the long-range guidance that a significant rain event could occur during the weekend of Jan. 13-14. As this continues to be a weak La Nina event, the likelihood of some timely, beneficial rains cannot be ruled out.

Our latest calculation of the sea surface temperature departure in the eastern equatorial Pacific for the month of January stands at minus 0.7 degrees Celsius. This compares to a minus 0.8 degree departure during the month of December.

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