Claas Reveals All-New 6000 Series Straw Walkers

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Claas 6000 Series combines provide 25% more throughput and reduces crop conversion time by 50%. (Photo courtesy of Claas of America)

Claas of America today rolled out a pair of all-new LEXION 6000 Series straw walker combines: the Lexion 6900 and Lexion 6800.

Claas told a virtual gathering of ag media the new technology represented by these machines offers producers new efficiencies in their wheat, canola and grass seed crops. The 6000 Series combines are designed for markets in Western Canada and select regions of the United States, including Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

"Lexion combines have built a reputation for delivering increased harvest efficiency and productivity, saving fuel and grain, and driving down the cost of harvest for more than 20 years," said Blake McOllough, product manager -- combines at Claas. "Designed with efficiency in mind, the LEXION 6000 Series straw walker combine does that and more with new cutting-edge technology to keep operators harvesting acres in record time."

Claas points to several features important to the new combines:

-- Throughput. The new machines provide up to 25% more throughput. The Claas APS SynFlow Walker threshing and separation system has the straightest crop flow in the industry, the manufacturer contends, and is the only combine on the market with an accelerator drum for constant crop acceleration, efficient grain separation and gentle straw handling.

-- Grain Tank. Lexion 6000 Series combines incorporates max grain tank storage for 425 bushels. Unloading is 5.1 bushels per second.

-- Automation. The Cemos Automation combine automation system makes autonomous and automatic real-time, in-field adjustments with more precision and speed than a seasoned operator.

-- Road speed. Lexion 6000 Series combines move from field to field at up to 25 mph.

-- Switch. In-cab, push button capabilities reduce crop conversion time by more than 50%. Intuitive cab design enhancements were made for operator comfort.

-- Maintenance. Daily maintenance time is shortened to 20 minutes, Claas said, with features such as an automatic central lubrication system. Dynamic Cooling increase air filter service intervals by up to two weeks.

Pricing and pre-sale programs will be available in July. To learn more about the Lexion 6000 Series combines, go to:

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