Faster Planting at Lower Horsepower

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Concord's new 39-foot Precision Shank Drill allows producers to take full advantage of planting speed at lower horsepower.

Concord and John Deere have announced new planting and tractor options, with Concord adding its Precision Shank Drill and Deere enhancing its 5R and 6M utility tractors.


Concord has added a new model to its Precision Shank Drill (PSD) lineup for the 2021 model year. A 39-foot model -- with a lower horsepower requirement -- will be available, in addition to its 51- and 61-foot counterparts.

To take full advantage of the PSD's potential seeding speed of 8 mph, Concord units required a minimum 500 hp. The 39-foot minimum horsepower requirement drops to about 425 hp.

Concord introduced Precision Shank Drills in 2017. The new 39-foot PSD can be ordered now. Deliveries are scheduled to begin late this fall.


John Deere has enhanced the integrated technology of its new 5R and 6M utility tractors to give customers an easy, cost-effective way to view AutoTrac Automated Guidance System information without having to purchase a separate display. AutoTrac enables hands-free steering of the tractor by using GPS coordinates to control the tractor.

John Deere 5R or 6M tractors can be ordered with an AutoTrac guidance screen built into the tractor's corner-post display. Once a John Deere StarFire Receiver is added, an AutoTrac activation is completed, and the setup process is finished, operators can start using hands-free steering.

Integrating AutoTrac on the corner-post display gives operators an affordable and simple way to use straight-line guidance without needing to buy a separate display.

Deere has announced additional updates for 5R tractors. One is an optional 16/16 CommandQuad Automatic Transmission that automatically selects the ideal gear and engine speed for optimal fuel efficiency. Another option is category II hook-style draft links and center link that provides convenient implement hookup without the need for a quick hitch.

John Deere also is giving customers more tire options to choose from with the addition of large 540/65R38 or 600/65R34 sizes. These bigger tires boost load-carrying capacity at the same tire pressure as smaller tires while their larger footprint can reduce soil compaction. The tires are made with low-angle lugs at the shoulder area to improve traction and higher angles around the center line to improve ride comfort.

A new premium John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) can now be added to select 6M Tractors for customers who want precise speed control or who prefer an automatic transmission. The IVT includes AutoClutch that operators can use to brake and stop the tractor without using the clutch.

Customers who want to boost hydraulic flow on select 6M Tractors to quickly raise and lower or power large implements or attachments can add a larger-than-standard hydraulic pump.

New 5R tractors can be ordered immediately while new 6M tractors will be available to order later this month.

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