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Local Harvest Updates

Cheri Zagurski
By  Cheri Zagurski , DTN Associate Editor
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Harvest waits for no one.

OK, it might wait for the rain to stop. Or fields to dry. Or machinery to be fixed. Or bodies to show up to man the machines and trucks. But other than THAT -- probably no one.

We asked DTN readers for updates on harvest in their area. Everybody is busy, it seems, but we did get a few reports we'll share with you here.

"Harvest is underway for a lot of farmers here in northeastern Illinois," reports John Moore of Manhattan, Illinois. "Corn yields are anywhere from 0 to 250 bpa depending on which part of the field you're in and that's for most fields. Averages seem to be 170 to 190 when you finish a field. Bean yields aren't as easy to (find) but conditions in each yield seem to be the same. Anywhere from 0 to 50-plus."

In the Finger Lakes area of New York, Crawford Mcfetridge is thinking about the price of crops, more than the size. "Well corn has hit my $2.00 (prediction)," he wrote, "and the FSA flyer has just come out with the true value of corn ... and beans aren't much better. (Commodity loan rates) FSA will loan money on corn at $2.04 and soybeans at $4.98. The market will follow. Happy trick and no treat!"

In New Era, Michigan, Phil Carter is focusing on getting his apples out of the trees before he can turn his attention to the corn in the fields.

"Here in Oceana County, apple harvest is in full swing. We have finished MacIntosh, Gala, Empire, Jonathan, JonaGold and are currently picking Spys and should finish those in a couple days. Next on to Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Ida Reds. Processor demand seems strong. My pickers are doing a great job and today (Monday) I delivered 1,120 bushels with another 500 bushels sitting on the truck waiting for tomorrow morning. I know that may not seem like a lot to a corn or bean grower with a 30-foot header, but these are hand-picked, one at a time, and put in wooden bins and transported to a landing, loaded with a forklift tractor prior to hauling. Our goal is to finish by November 1 and then I can work on corn. Some corn has been run around here with 100-bushel-plus yields, 17%-18% moisture and 56 test weight. I don't know of any beans being run yet but I am only in the orchard half a day (12 hours). Weather has been great for harvest activities, best we have had in many years -- warm with little rain."

In Alexander County, Illinois, Kenton Thomas said, "Corn 95% gone. Beans 65% done and leaving very quickly. We will get caught up today and have to wait a week to start back. Also seen a wheat drill running today. We will start planting end of week."

In southwest Wisconsin, Kevin Kroll had this to report: "On good ground beans are yielding 80 bu. However, on no-till ground yields are considerably less. 55-65. We had issues in the spring with no-till acres as soils were cold and wet leading to less-than-ideal planting conditions and emergence. Most of those acres have areas with green pods yet and will just have to wait I guess. No corn yields yet but I am thinking the marginal ground will hurt overall yields somewhat."

If you'd like to report what's going on in your area, email me at cheri.zagurski@dtn.com.



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