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Harvest Numbers

Cheri Zagurski
By  Cheri Zagurski , DTN Associate Editor
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As harvest moves north into the Corn Belt, all anybody wants to know is how are yields shaping up?

The problem with answering that question is two-fold. 1) People are busy in the field, so it's hard to talk to real, working farmers about what is going on. 2) Some are not keen on sharing their information.

I can't blame them. I'm not likely to tell strangers how much money DTN pays me. So I can see how sharing yield info -- which may indicate how much you COULD make this year on a crop -- would be something producers shy away from.


If you wouldn't mind sharing your own early harvest details, or what you've been hearing around your area, send me a note. You can reply right to this blog entry (let me know where you are from also) or you can email me at cheri.zagurski@dtn.com. I would really appreciate it.

To start us off, I have a couple reports from a group of readers who regularly share information about weather, crops, etc. in their areas. I haven't heard from too many of this consulting group this week -- because they are busy harvesting I'm sure. Here are some notes from Ohio and Michigan.

Dan Hiller, Hardin County, Ohio

"Soybean yields are all over the map. Low of 15 to a high of 50, all depending on how much flood damage. My guess the average will fall in the 30s around here. There are some 60 reported east of here but they also say there are a lot of 20s around there too. Anybody's guess.

"Very little corn has been taken off. Yields at the farm science review are around 180 corn and 50 beans; both down from last year. Corn is down about 50 bushels per acre and beans 25. They did not get the hard rains we did up here."

Barry Mumby, Colon, Michigan

"We are just getting started in Michigan on soybeans. I tested an early corn field this morning and it was 23.3%, down 6.5% from last Tuesday. Looks like an early harvest here."

That's all I have for now. But if I hear from any more readers I will be sure to share the info.




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9/28/2015 | 5:29 AM CDT
Got done with beans on the 25 A little over 60 bu. ave.
9/23/2015 | 8:21 PM CDT
Soybeans in Morrow county Ohio are anywhere from 40 to 60 field averages.