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Saskatchewan Harvest Nearing Completion

Cliff Jamieson
By  Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst
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Saskatchewan Agriculture reported the largest number of acres harvested in the province seen in six weeks, while at 92% harvested, remains just 2 points behind the five-year average as of Oct. 22. (DTN graphic by Cliff Jamieson)

Saskatchewan's government estimates that 10% of the province's crop was taken off over the past week ending Oct. 22, double the pace seen over the past five weeks when an average of 4.8% of the cropland acres were taken off each week or 24% of the crop land in total. Gains were realized in all six regions, with the Northwest Region, the furthest behind, estimated to have taken off 37% of the crop over the week, or from 45% of the crop harvested, as of Oct. 15, to an estimated 82% of the crop, as of Oct. 22.

It is interesting to note the large gains in the province's largest crops over the past week, with 20% of the spring wheat taken off, along with 23% of the province's canola, according to estimates. As of Oct. 22, an estimated 8% of the spring wheat, 6% of the durum and 10% of the canola remains to be harvested, while 20% of the flax and canaryseed and 27% of the soybeans remain to be harvested. Weather since Oct. 22 has been mostly favorable which led to further gains, while this report is viewed as the final weekly report with a final crop year report to be released Nov. 8.

The province also released yield estimates for major crops, updated from their last estimates released Oct. 1. A few estimates jump out from this data. Hard red spring wheat is estimated at a provincial average of 47 bushels per acre, up from 44 bpa on Oct. 1 and is well-above Statistics Canada's latest 42.4-bpa estimate. The oat estimate was increased by 1 bpa, to 83 bpa, while remains well below Statistics Canada's 91.5-bpa estimate. Canola was revised 1 bpa higher, to 38 bpa, while below Statistics Canada's 40.8-bpa estimate. Finally, the soybean yield estimate was lowered from 24 bpa, to 18 bpa, well-below Statistics Canada's 27.4-bpa estimate.


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