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Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

Weekly state crop reports continue to reflect the favorable weather pattern that the Midwest has been experiencing recently. Drier weather last week allowed for most soybean planting to reach completion except for some double-crop areas in the eastern Midwest which will be planted after the wheat harvest, which is just getting underway. Despite the fact some hot weather was observed last week with readings as warm as the middle to upper 90s, crop conditions continued to show some improvement from already very high levels. This is due to the fact that in most areas soil moisture is adequate to support crops and that corn and soybeans are still in early development stages and not that vulnerable to hot, dry weather at this time. We are expecting another favorable week of weather for developing corn and soybeans in the Midwest with no extreme heat and episodes of scattered showers although amounts and coverage will likely not be as high as they were a few weeks ago as we head into summer. We continue to feel that the corn crop will go into pollination in the next few weeks in very favorable condition.

Crop conditions in the Northern Plains for corn, soybeans and spring wheat are quite favorable. A favorable weather pattern during the next seven days should maintain these conditions. The spring wheat crop is moving into the heading stage of development.

Wheat harvest progress is picking up in the Southern Plains but is running behind normal. We expect a very favorable period for harvesting during the next seven days with mostly above normal temperatures and below normal rainfall.

The Delta and Southeast states are right in the middle of corn pollination at this time. Episodes of above normal temperatures and mostly below normal rainfall could have some impact on the crop, especially in Alabama and Georgia where soil moisture is short over 40% to 55% of the region.




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6/17/2016 | 6:04 AM CDT
Very dry here in southern Michigan and northern Ohio. Crops had very poor emergence with little or no rain since planting. Chemicals have not worked well either lots of weedy fields. No rain in the forecast for next 7 days with 90s over the weekend.