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Putting the Disco in USMCA

Chris Clayton
By  Chris Clayton , DTN Ag Policy Editor
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Missouri farmers acted out "USMCA" in a video to grab a little attention for Congress to pass the trade pact. (DTN screenshot from video.)

Farmers are desperate to get a trade deal done.

They are doing strange things, like making music videos.

Members of the Missouri Farm Bureau have taken the classic 1978 Village People tribute to the Young Men's Christian Association, "YMCA" and turned into a unique interpretation of "USMCA" -- the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement.

This is what happens when we let acronyms just run amok against the English language.

The Missourians recrafted YMCA with prose that only Weird Al Yankovic could truly appreciate. By the way, he's really fun in concert if you ever get the chance to catch him.

"Trump man, we have your crops on our land. I said, Trump man, trade would give us a hand. I said, Nancy, we know you’re the woman who can get. This. Deal. Through. Congress!"

And it goes on, "Farmers, when you're short on your dough ..."

The farmers in the video act it out as the music goes along, but from an artistic standpoint it was greatly disappointing that Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst is decked out in a pair of farmer overalls than honoring the Village People by sporting some disco cowboy chaps.

Just sayin'

At this point, explaining anything further would only ruin it for you.…

Congress needs to pass the USMCA. (repeat)

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