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Ag Responds to House Immigration Vote

Chris Clayton
By  Chris Clayton , DTN Ag Policy Editor
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United Farm Workers strongly criticized House leaders Wednesday for votes to rescind executive orders regarding deportation deferrals. The Agriculture Workforce Coalition was less hostile in its response, but the group also called on Congress to adopt some measures that will address labor challenges in the country with undocumented workers.

The House voted 236-191 to block funding for the Department of Health and Human Services to carry out the president's immigration plans.……

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez characterized the House bill as "an attack on farm worker families, youth and all immigrant families who President Obama has taken steps to protect," Rodriguez said. "The UFW fervently opposed passage of this extreme anti-immigrant bill."

The Agriculture Workforce Coalition issued a statement calling on Congress to address the labor crisis in agriculture.

"America’s immigration system remains broken, unable to provide farmers and ranchers with the stable, secure and skilled workforce they need to grow and harvest the food we eat. As the House’s action today brings renewed focus to the broad issue of immigration, the Agriculture Workforce Coalition, speaking as the unified voice of producers across the country, again calls on Congress to act to address the sector’s labor crisis. We look forward to working with Congress in the weeks and months ahead to see legislation passed to resolve this pressing issue.

“In doing so, the AWC believes that any proposal to address the situation must include both the current agricultural workforce—many members of which are unauthorized to work in the U.S.—and the future labor needs of agricultural employers. It must also provide a solution that works for all of agriculture, including producers with seasonal need for workers and those with year-round needs.”

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11/15/2017 | 10:55 AM CST
RJZ Peterson
1/21/2015 | 2:57 PM CST
Jay... Apparently your precious Obama and friends can do no wrong... Let me ask you this: What if you didn't pay any taxes for the money you earned? What if you collected welfare benefits for which you fraudulently applied? What if drove without a license or insurance? What if you racked up thousands in medical bills that can't be traced back to you? What if your son was slammed in jail for joining a gang and selling drugs or murdering somebody? I could go on and on and on... think about that... Now think about the impact all of those things would have on this country if all of us, law abiding tax paying, citizens decided to partake in those activities. We would all be screwed. The message Obama and friends are sending to those illegal immigrants and those yet to come is: "Its ok, come on over, we don't care, you can come and milk the system, the rest of us that earned our way of life decided we don't want to live that way anymore, you can have our life." It doesn't work that way, Jay!!! We can not just keep paying for these people out of our pockets. Why should they get a piece of my hard earned livelihood? It is mine and your precious DFL would take it all if they could, to give it to the less fortunate to generate votes to keep their career in office intact.
Bonnie Dukowitz
1/16/2015 | 3:34 AM CST
We are a nation of laws! Thanks GOP for at least attempting to uphold them.
Bonnie Dukowitz
1/16/2015 | 3:34 AM CST
We are a nation of laws! Thanks GOP for at least attempting to uphold them.
Jay Mcginnis
1/15/2015 | 7:38 AM CST
The GOP clown car has only just unloaded and already they are providing entertainment, at least to those not directly influenced by their decisions. Stay tuned though as the show has just begun!