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Avg. Summer Temps in Top Corn & Bean States

Joel Karlin
By  Joel Karlin , DTN Contributing Analyst

This summer was about average for the majority of the top 21 U.S. corn and soybean producing states, which appears to have benefited row crop performance this year.

Readings however were not as cool as year ago levels which may explain why though this year's yields are quite good, they are below the all-time highs for both corn and soybeans that were established in 2014.

This graphic shows the average summer (June-August) temperatures for 2014 and 2015 for the top corn and soybean producing states and the difference from the 1950-2014 average, all in degrees Fahrenheit.

This year 12 of the 21 states had summer average temperatures above their respective 1950-2015 average.

A number of key Midwest states appear to have had cooler than normal temperatures with Iowa the coolest along with IL, IN, NE, OH and WI.

On the other hand, the southern states look to have had slightly warmer than normal summer temperatures including AR, LA, MS and NC.

Contrast this with last year when all states except Texas had below normal summer temperatures with only WI having cooler readings this year than last.

Needless to say summer temperatures average to below in most of the key corn and soybean producing states appear to have had a beneficial impact on yields.



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