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Spot Ethanol Prices Flat in New York Harbor on Export Demand

George Orwel
By  George Orwel , DTN Energy Reporter
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Physical ethanol railed from Chicago to other parts of the country, including to the New York Harbor, held unchanged along with cash prices at the New York Harbor on talk of export demand.

"The [New York] Harbor market is heating up ... there's a lot of activity there, a vessel to India and [elsewhere] being fixed," said a source.

In the rail market, ethanol shipped under Rule 11 terms traded at $1.375 per gallon, unchanged on the session. On the East Coast, November barged ethanol at the New York Harbor was talked at $1.48 per gallon, unchanged on the session. Prompt delivered fuel ethanol at the Argo terminal was seen at $1.37 per gallon, down 2.0 cents on the session.

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