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Cash Ethanol Prices Mixed Ahead of Supply Data

George Orwel
By  George Orwel , DTN Energy Reporter
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Spot ethanol prices were shallowly mixed in choppy trade early Tuesday ahead of the release of federal data that's expected to show another decline in domestic ethanol inventory and production.

A trade source noted inventory at the Argo terminal near Chicago has eased, allowing new deliveries to be made, with Argo product in the cash market traded unchanged at $1.395 per gallon. Trade sources said April supply delivered in the New York Harbor edged 0.5 cents lower to $1.51 per gallon, while Houston prices nudged 0.5 cents higher to $1.51 per gallon. In swaps trade, paper prices moved higher, with April Chicago swaps changing hands at $1.44 per gallon, up 2.5 cents.

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