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U.S. Infrastructure Problems Growing

Cheryl Anderson
By  Cheryl Anderson , DTN Staff Reporter

U.S. infrastructure problems are mounting, with a great need for modernization and solutions to maintenance backlogs, railcar shortages and weather-induced delays, according to an article by the U.S. Grains Council (…).

While once the U.S. led the world in its export infrastructure, it is now showing signs of age. With the railroad playing a vital role for agriculture and related markets, now is the time to update the infrastructure for the future.

Most merchandisers of ethanol and dried distillers grains would likely agree, especially after weather-related issues most of the winter caused rail delays that took weeks, if not months, to normalize. Even now, some in the industry still complain of not being able to get rail cars returned in a timely manner.

Hasan Hyder, assistant vice president of grains and grain product for Union Pacific Railroad, will speak about efforts the railroad is planning to resolve logistical issues at the U.S. Grains Council's 54th Annual Board of Delegates meeting in Omaha, Neb., July 28-30, 2014.

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