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Brazil's Ethanol Flows to US East, West Coasts in mid-June

After a couple of weeks without ethanol imports into the United States, the Energy Information Administration midweek reported 65,000 bpd of ethanol supply came into the country from overseas sources during the second week of June, received along the East and West coasts.

Meantime, a report from research center Cepea in Brazil says the country's ethanol exports jumped 30.7% in May from a month prior, with about 84% shipped to the U.S.

"The United States continue to be the major destination for the Brazilian ethanol, receiving 83.7% of the total shipped," said Cepea.

The average price of anhydrous ethanol, the ethanol grade Brazil exports, rose 0.8% to $2.29 gallon in the week-ended June 15 on rising demand, added the report.

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